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NEW Text-based Flood RPG! (UPDATED 10/30)

The last one was so much fun, but my APs got in the way of being an active DM. Now, APs are over and I have six months until I start college, so I figured I'd start this back up! [u][b]DM List:[/b][/u] --Windom --DRAGON SNIPER 3 --luke4dead [b]Pick your race![/b] --Human: the most abundant inhabitants of the land, humans are accepted nearly everywhere. --Elves: mysterious men with pointed ears, elves are often shunned by some parts of society, but are quicker to advance certain skills. --Dwarf: industrious midgets who are naturally talented swordsmen, dwarves are usually respected due to their mass production of weapons. --Demon: Tall, muscular men with red skin and horns. Demons are naturally strong and gifted in the arcane, though usually feared and scorned throughout the land. --Android: An ancient relic from a lost time, androids are the most intelligent of the races. To the common eye, they look to be humans. --Cats: Extremely rare animals, cursed with sentience and sapience. Can wield certain weapons, though more likely to practice magic. Can't speak to humans directly. [b]Pick your weapons![/b] (2 weapon slots until you level up) --Iron shortsword (1 weapon slot) --Iron greatsword (2 weapon slots) --Wooden longbow (1 weapon slot) --Wooden crossbow (2 weapon slots) --Rusted revolver (2 weapon slots) --Throwing stars (1 weapon slot) --Steel whip (2 weapon slots) --Steel dagger (1 weapon slot) --Scythe (2 weapon slots) --Mage's staff (2 weapon slots) [b]Pick your armor![/b] (3 armor slots until you level up) --Leather armor (2 armor slots) --Iron armor (3 armor slots) --Black cloak (1 armor slot) --Mage's robes (2 armor slots) --Bulletproof vest (2 armor slots) --Plainclothes (1 armor slot) [b]Pick your traits![/b] (15 points to assign) --Strength ( ) --Intelligence ( ) --Charisma ( ) --Agility ( ) --Stealth ( ) --Magic ( ) --Melee weapons ( ) --Ranged weapons ( ) --Observation ( ) RULES: You describe the actions you wish to take, and the DM will describe the consequences of your actions. You may meet companions, tackle quests, make enemies, and more, depending on the choices you make. No DM will be unfair (falling rocks won't kill you out of nowhere), but if you're actively dumb, you'll probably die. The weapons, armors, and skills you start with will change as you progress through your story and become more powerful. Have fun! You stand on a small grassy hill. To the north, you see a well-worn path, probably leading to a town. Immense mountains and canyons appear to litter the west. A great icy tundra field is to the south. What lies to the east is a mystery. [i]Credit goes to Onion Beetle for starting the first thread and giving me this idea![/i] Fill this out to get started:[quote]Name: Race: Weapons: Armor: Strength ( ) Intelligence ( ) Charisma ( ) Agility ( ) Stealth ( ) Magic ( ) Melee weapons ( ) Ranged weapons ( ) Observation ( )[/quote] [b]General Posting guidelines by Atticus:[/b] [spoiler][b]General guidelines for people ITT:[/b] - If your DM became inactive message him directly through a PM instead of littering the thread with "Where's muh DeeEhm?" - If your starting post didn't get any attention, bump it with a comment and don't ask for a DM in another seperate comment. Bumping your original OP also makes it easier for DMs to find it. - If the beforementioned way didn't turn out to be succesful, PM one of the listed DMs. Mind you, some of them are already fully commited to create the adventures of multiple participants, so they can't/don't want to take another one. Just ask around. - Don't stress your DMs. If they don't reply for one or two days, it doesn't mean they have forgotten you. If you want to make sure that they can find your post again, reply to their last comment by putting a reminder in a spoiler. It automatically links them to your subthread. - If you have questions, while already playing, put them in a spoiler and continue as usual - your DM will answer your question in another spoiler. - If you want to quit, make sure to make it visible in your OP. If you want to start again follow beforementioned points. [b]If you want to become a DM:[/b] - Know how the forums works - Be sure to have proper grammar and spelling. - Be creative and write in detail. Create a living, imaginable world by describing environments, people and happenings around the player's character. luke4dead and Windom are shining examples in this regard. - Stay in touch with your client. If you are not avaiable for a while, tell them - make sure they know how to find a substitute for the time being. For application, please PM Windom, or any other DM - they will decide if you are suited for the position.[/spoiler]

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