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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny.

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next gen is really...quiet?

Ever since Got my xbox one, I knew I'd have to make friends because none of mine got one. Eight months later, I haven't really heard anything except the occasional angry titan fall player. Coming into the destiny beta, I had a deja vu moment of saying to myself, "now I can finally meet some people." Well, after a few hours in the tower hearing only metaphorical crickets I realized, next gen is really quiet. I've played bungie games since I got my xbox, and those games facilitated some of the best social moments I've had on video games. Whether it was joining random custom game lobbies and having a blast, making a friend in a CTF match by flying each other in a hornet, or feeling the burn in my index finger from holding down the trigger to complete the six hour long vidmaster achievements. I cherish these memories and have been excited at the opportunity to make new ones in Destiny. However I can't do that if every guardian I meet is as talkative as a statue due to 'enhancing' my destiny experience. I think it's great that you (bungie) are taking destiny super seriously as it will end up being a great game. On the other hand your pushing the envelope. I don't want my destiny experience to be solo. I want to have an experience with someone and then hang with them. Thats what I loved about halo, was the fact it brought people together. If your touring this as a social game, without chat its far from that. How is a guardian going to say "wow how did you get that sick gear." Message me? If thats the sociability your striving for, quite honestly it sucks. I really want to have amazing moments in this game with new friends. Simple solution: implement chat in [b]atleast[/b] the tower, with the options via the pull up menu to selectively mute or mute all. [b]in game chat is essential to making this a social game and making those special bungie moments into friendships[/b] Otherwise destiny is great Edit: After the beta I joined a clan because I knew I would want people to play with. So I'll have people to play with, but the point of this post was to express my dismay at the silence

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