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Destiny Unofficial Master FAQ Hub

Hello fellow Destiny players - I have decided to start and maintain a massive FAQ thread here until Destiny is launched. Information about Destiny is a little unorganized and scattered around, at least for beta and pre-launch related subjects. I wish to increase my own understanding of the game, so ask any questions you have! All Destiny relevant questions will be updated in the original post and a individual reply will be given to each individual who asks a question. If any information is invalid, please inform me and I will fix it. _____________________________________________[b]DESTINY FAQ[/b]_____________________________________________ Begin, ask away! [b]Will my characters in the BETA be deleted, or will they carry over to the main game?[/b] [spoiler]Bungie has not yet decided and/or stated on whether or not they will delete players characters from the beta. Toss a coin and guess heads or tails, that is the best answer you will get until Bungie officially makes a announcement. [b]Pros for Deleting characters[/b]: Some players used bugs and exploits to obtain massive amounts of Glimmer, Reputation, and gear. Allowing these players to keep their characters will give them a unfair advantage and a super head start in the game when compared to other players. Deleting characters also will make the game feel more "full" at the beginning. 4.6 Million players attended in the Beta, meaning that new players that didn't get Beta access might log into empty content (Level 1-5 Starter zone). Deleting Characters also creates emphasis for re-exploration and taking your time. Many games experience a sort of "mad dash" at the beginning in which large groups of players attempt to rush through content in order to be the first to pioneer said lands. Many players already experienced their mad dashes, and they will be more likely to re-explore the starter zones in depth with their new characters. [b]Cons for Deleting[/b]: 4.6 Million players attended Beta. Making it the largest public new NAT beta ever. The idea of a select few players having a unfair advantage over the masses kind of dampens when the select few players is 4.6 million players. Man hours: Many players played the game as if it was not a beta, farming for best gears, upgrading their ships, finding all gold chests and dead ghost locations, and even driving deeper into Beta-restricted territories flooded with ?? difficulty enemies. The point is players built bonds with their characters, and they do not want to see them disappear. Lucky rolls: Some players obtained Legendary and Exotic items. You can bet a player will be quite made if their exotic from beta disappears and they go a very long time without getting a new one. [/spoiler] [b]How will I get access to Vanguard armory? Also, is the Vanguard armory a permanent exclusive DLC for people who pre-order? [/b] [spoiler]From my experience w/ pre-ordered games, a slip will be included inside the pre-ordered game box that includes the downloadable code. However, the Vanguard armory is set to be available for all players in 2015, a player may have to enter a code on that was included w/ the game to basically prove they pre-ordered to get access. Example: No code entered = Vanguard merchant refuses to sell goods to use. Code entered = Vanguard merchant opens his wares to you. If you have the digital edition, all the codes and what not are included in the initial download and can be re downloaded if they don't work on installation. Of course this is all speculation. We will have to see what happens when the game comes out. [/spoiler] [b]Are Bungie's servers going to be cross platform? [/b] [spoiler]Yes and no. Bungie has finally united both Xbox and Playstation users into one server, but it is still separated by the next gen and old gen consoles. Meaning only Playstation 4 can play with Xbox One. Not like Xbox One and PS3. Then Xbox 360 can play with PS3 and vise versa. Of course, once both consoles are finally united, they just have to go and make a new generation and further extend the segregation :P. Bungie decided not to support cross-generation play, because of differences in graphics, game preformance, and frames per second. Xbox One users would have a tactical advantage over Xbox 360 users with the increased game performance. If Bungie were to ever make cross-generation play, they would have to make the games preform identically to remove any tactical advantage for the next generation gamers. This is not a option, because the reason people pay for next generation consoles is to get next generation games. Next gen users are expecting Destiny to be better than Destinies old generation counterpart, and they very well should be since they payed the money for it. [/spoiler]

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