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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/31/2014 9:09:22 PM

BIG concerns for the online play of this game. Serious feedback

First I would just like to say that I did really enjoy this game which is the main reason why what I am about to discuss is a big problem for me. Second I want to let everyone know this is a somewhat lengthy post with solid points and I would love for you to read it whole and leave your opinion. Playing games online with friends is one of my favorite things to do. I have been playing with a group of probably 10 core players as well as friends of those 10 players for about 4 years now. In total somewhere close to 35 people. Dating back to Halo 3 days. When we heard about Destiny we were stoked. A Halo like game mixed in with online features similar to MMO's? Awesome we will be able to all play together, form a clan, all those types of things. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case as I will discuss below. Yes, yes, I know you can form clans here on however how do those clans translate to the game? I have been searching for the answer since the beta dropped and found nothing. Is it simply for setting up games? If so that is disappointing. For me I don't join clans to have games set up. I join clans for the social experience. Due to the way the Destiny server layout works it seems impossible to have in game clans. (There are no fixed servers that you choose to play on. Players are thrown into which ever server has enough room for the players in there party.) So because of this layout you are limited to 6 friends at the tower and only 3 while out exploring. I get only say 4 friends in a party doing quests but to not be able to join up with say 15 friends outside of the party and just have a good time doing whatever is pretty lame. Basically I am saying they need to allow you to at least attempt to join specific servers that your friends are on. If the server is full then okay fine you choose another. At least give us the option though. My second big problem has to do with the lack of proximity chat. This is a must have in a social game like this. Now before you get the wrong idea I am absolutely not suggesting you allow proximity voice chat. Having 14 people screaming in my ear at the tower (hopefully that number goes up) would be a headache. I do however have a suggestion to add proximity chat. Bungie should push microsoft and sony to make a text pad similar to what the 360 has. A chat pad that snaps to your controller with a button on it that would bring up the local chat box in games such as Destiny (that way the chat box is not always on screen). This would make the companies money since other games such as ESO would also be able to take advantage of it. Correct me if I'm wrong but I am pretty sure neither company has a chat pad yet. Those are my two big problems with this game. Like I said at the start I really enjoyed the beta. If anyone knows how the clan system will work in game please let me know and thank you.

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