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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/30/2014 1:29:54 AM

destiny improvement thoughts

This is the first beta I have ever been a part of, and I loved it. Just running around and killing stuff and waiting for events like a dragon born searching for dragons for challenging encounters. The beauty of the game just had me standing on top of the tallest thing I could get to and stare across the massive area. And watching other players running around fighting for quest objectives and killing tough enemies ahead of them with my sniper rifle. This beta was a more solid game than many other full games before. I couldn't get enough of it. I'm so glad Bungie has put such care and time into this game. I look forward into buying the game when it comes out, can't preorder cause I'm a poor college student. There are a few things that for me personally I would like to see added or changed to the game. Some more realistic than others. First off, I think something much needed is the ability to control sound of the game. I finally got a friend on to play the beta to see how the chatting would be. There was a slight problem, I could barely hear my friend on the game. I have the voice chat come over the speakers. The reason for that I have friends come over to play co-op online games such as dungeon defenders playing with more friends online, however I only have one set of head phones so I have the chat on the speakers so everyone can hear what is going on and I just give feedback to the person on the other side. I just have to go into the settings and adjust the sounds. I went to do that and there was no sound options, so we had to wait to talk to each other when the enemies were dead and when it became quite on the game. This made it really hard to communicate during boss battles. So a quick change for that would be nice. That was the only major issue I had with the game. Everything else is just some fun ideas. The Gear in the game is decent I like the advantages each weapon gives for different situations and that the armor gives bonuses to the weapons and abilities. But we all know that there are PvPers and PVEers in the game. Personally I'm a PVEer. I have never been good at PVP in different games, I could hold my own but didn't excel in them. With there being PVP factions and PVE factions there could be a push for a PVP type gear and a PVE type gear that you get from farming PVP matches or buying from the PVP quartermasters. and vise versa for the Vanguard quartermasters. That would brings a more dynamic to building a PVP set and a PVE set. Other than that I like how it is set up, and you could keep it that way, this is just an idea. Quest on the difficult mode should be more difficult. Honestly the rise in difficulty wasn't that exciting. The rise in the level and number of enemies is nice but honestly you could make it tougher and add the challenge for the talented teams of players. Or add an even higher difficulty to what you already have. Increase the number of enemies and levels of the enemies but not only that make them all ultra and mega enemies. Have it so tough that you have to get into a team of 3 or more, if you see fit at adding more than just three to a fireteam, to complete the quest. Doing this could add more replay ability and allow for the chance for better loot and glimmer rewards. The Strike missions you could go all out and make it require level twenties to beat the difficult mode and have something for level twenties to come back to lower level planets and complete a bounty of that certain Strike missions. The Moon was awesome. I was fortunate enough to get off work thirty minutes before the bonus event. I looked on the destinations and saw the "!" over the moon and got so happy. Did the mission and wanted more. So I started it again and ignored the mission and started to roam around. Best decision I made in a while. I found the underground labyrinth and fought the two new enemies. First was the Ogre which was amazing looking he scared me when I first saw him. However I thought he was too easy to kill. I didn't even see his attacks. I also saw several weapon racks that had some sinister looking swords. I would be cool to see enemies actually wield them. But I look forward to playing the moon fully when the game comes out. Finally there is "a wish it could happen" addition I think would take this game to the next level. Space battles, you could have the ships that are traveled on fitted with weapons and such and design space battles against the fallen, the hive, pvp and such. That would bring a dynamic that would blow things into a new dimension. These are my thoughts. Thank you for the chance to play the beta and I look forward to play on opening day.

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