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7/28/2014 10:11:40 PM

Beta feedback

Loved the Alpha and Beta, and just had a few items for feedback: - Allow choice of surround audio (currently defaults to 7.1, which cuts out the audio if you turn your back on your Ghost or whomever is speaking in the world if you don't have 7.1; it should have 5.1 selectable, which is a more common setup) - Allow sorting of the Vault gear and weapons (or auto sort this as items are added/removed; currently it is just in the order added, which makes comparing items more difficult; at least make it so it will auto-sort with last added for each section) - Show gold borders in the Vault for stored gear/weapons that have all updates unlocked (the gold border is shown on items while in your inventory, but not while in the Vault, which is confusing when choosing gear/weapons from the Vault to load out) - Make it easier for players to 'back out of the game to the character select screen' to change characters (currently, as far as I can tell, you have to close the game and reload it to access the character select screen when you want to change your character) - Give players a way to see Grimoire Cards from within the game (currently you have to go to the website or app to see these) - Make the Grimoire Cards easier to navigate with fewer clicks to get to the information of the card (these are too cryptic with only some arbitrary art to indicate what they are until you dig all the way in, which is many clicks, especially from the iOS app) - Surface newly unlocked Grimoire Cards to make them easier to see (currently you see an indicator on the parent cards and have to click all the way down from them to see what is new, but would be extremely helpful to see 'last ~10 Grimoire Cards unlocked' at the top level of the Grimoire Cards section and still allow the player to dig down if they choose to do so) - While at the Tower, hide the 'go to Orbit' reminder after having gone to orbit from the Tower X-number of times (currently this is omnipresent when there isn't another objective for you at the Tower) - Make it a little more obvious where you need to click to change your Fireteam settings on the Options screen (this is hidden in a nondescript button, and just needs to at least look like it can be clicked; since this is important information, it should not be hidden) - It would also be ideal to make it easy to see all the various faction/section/mode values you have to accumulate from within the Options screen (perhaps this was just because the limits of the beta, but currently you have to go talk to someone at the tower to see the specific value for them, which is a bad experience when chasing these; the player doesn't need to know the cost of stuff until you talk to someone, but if they are accumulating points for a particular value, it should be surfaced on the Options/Profile screen for the player to track easily)

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