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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/21/2014 9:22:41 PM

General Feedback

Feedback time! Here are some things I've been noticing and thinking about as I played the beta. Enemy Spawns Spawn rate - I'm hoping that a tweaking for these is in the works, but in case it hasn't been mentioned, spawn rates need some tweaking imo. Sometimes I won't even leave a one room building after clearing out some enemies that spawn in the entrance, and in the about 30 seconds it took to look through the surroundings, all the enemies have respawned. And forget about trying to clear out an area so you can attempt to climb to an interesting looking location. I was trying to climb to the remains of an overpass yesterday, and in the time it took me to climb on top of a nearby building, 3 different groups had respawned and were shooting at me. And it wasn't a one time occurrence either. Happened every time I made it up that far. Enemy Spawn locations - They seem too static. I don't want to be able to be able to run across old russia and know exactly where enemies are going to spawn and in what numbers, not counting public events. It's jarring, and feels kinda forced. I mean, it makes sense to have certain areas where you know you're going to run into a specific enemy type. But if I'm just wandering about, and they don't have a particular reason to be somewhere, I don't see the point of making the same group spawn in the same location, time and time again. Map - I want a map. It doesn't even make sense gameplay wise that you don't have one, at least for old russia. In the mission where you're looking for a warp drive, your ghost finds a map of the area, then makes a special point of scanning the whole thing. So why can't we access it? throw all the gestures on a hotkey wheel that you access by pushing up on the d-pad or something, and all of sudden you've freed up 3 buttons for mappy goodness. It doesn't even have to be a precise map, but it would be nice to be able to get a general idea of where I was in an area. Orbit – So after every mission, you go back into orbit. Then, you select where to go. That being said, the interface to do so is a bit clunky at the moment. It works, sure, but not quickly, and less than ideally imo. Seeing as how after every mission people head back to the tower to decrypt their engrams and such, making a return to tower quick option on the orbit screen would be useful. At the very least though, d-pad functionality while in orbit and selecting where to go would be useful. Using the joystick to scroll across the screen and manually select everything works, but it’s slow and kinda clunky. Having the d-pad to swap between options could speed things up a fair amount. Couple of things I noticed when scrolling through the forums that I figure I’ll mention again. Warlock Class Emblems - A little bigger/more noticeable would be nice. Not game ending though. Dead world – Not even going to elaborate much here, just link to a topic which I think says most of it [url][/url] Other than that, by and large I’ve been liking the game. It just seems like there are some things which could use improvement or addressing.

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