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4/29/2024 2:54:48 PM

The Guardian: Loss

Eido has spent a long afternoon tending to the needs of House Light in the City, settling disputes between the Eliksni, or managing repairs and new buildings in the Botza District. At about 2:30 in the afternoon, she is ready for some lunch. As she sits down to eat a summery meal of figs and croutons, along with her usual amount of ether, the comms device she uses to correspond with the Tower and it's residents makes a small, high-pitched ping. She sighs, wondering if Saladin wants some more Riiswalkers fir the coming Iron Banner, but then she sees the words "Communication requested from VIP-2014". The Guardian. What could he want? He was meant to be on Mars, keeping the Spire clear. The last time he had been here, to share memories of Amanda with her father and Kell, Misraaks, she had needed to silence half a dozen tales of his hatred for the Eliksni. Most were standard tales of how he had ripped apart whole families with his power, but one had stuck with her. An aged, grizzled looking veteran of the Reef Wars, Sylok, whose whole left side was burned almost beyond recognition, had told her a tale of how, when Sylok escaped the Prison of Elders, the Guardian had disintegrated his whole Ketch with Solar Light, leaving only him alive. He had said that in that moment, when he locked eyes with that blazing demon, the Guardian had burned brighter than the Sun itself. She had dismissed it then, but when she had looked into the Guardian's eyes the following day, on a trip to speak with Osiris about the Great Machine, she had believed. No ordinary Guardian had eyes that cold, that... Angry. But, she needed to see what he wanted. "Scribe Eido," it read, "I have heard that you possess records of the Precursor civilisation of the Witness." That seemed foreboding. "I would like to peruse them, with your permission." It seemed harmless to acquiesce, but the truth was, he made her uneasy. It was like he was trying to measure the distance he would have to cross to incinerate her. She had seen him look happy only once. Eris and that scruffy man she so enjoyed spending time with had been trying Eliksni cuisine for the first time, at the man's urging, and the Guardian tagged along. He had laughed, really laughed, at some joke the... Drifter, that was his name, had made. Then Eris made a dry comment on the bitterness of the meal, and for a moment, the Guardian's eyes had looked... Content. Like he had, in that moment, everything that he wanted. She would bring Eris with her. She hoped that would make those eyes easier to meet. As his ship passed Luna, Earth's cracked, Hive-infested moon, he received a transmission from Eido. Good. Hopefully, she would meet with him. He made her nerves dance like two Hunters fresh from the Loot Cave, he knew. It was in the affirmative. And she would bring Eris along. He always felt good when Eris was around. Their brief period of dating was now long gone, but they had parted as friends, and it had overjoyed him when Germaine admitted they were together. Eris had been the first that had encouraged him to think for himself, and to make him feel like he wasn't just a weapon. He had so much to thank her for. Eido would have such a hard time getting her out of that library in Midtown, he thought wryly. Although it had been attacked a few times before, she was Eris Morn. Resilient to a fault. There was a reason he was always the first to go after her, and vice versa. Though now, she had Germaine right behind him. Germaine said they'd been thinking of adopting soon. He hoped that they would get everything they wanted. They deserved it. In a good mood, he breached the atmosphere, and his ship chirped that a signal was coming in, so he listened. With a spike of fear, he sent his ship at breakneck speeds to the City. Midtown had been attacked.

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