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Light 3.0 Buff ideas (Titan edition)

This part 3 of me rambling on about potential buffs to the 3.0 subclasses. Finally Titans, you’re up next. As a Titan main, I tried to not go too overboard (even though I know that I did) because I know I’m biased towards Titans. I tried my best to not make these changes seem too op. But anyways, feel free to leave any suggestions you may have, and please keep it civil. [b]Sunbreaker[/b] -Hammer of Sol      -Consecration can now be activated        during HoS (uses the same super        energy as 2 hammer) -Burning Maul      -Improved tracking on the spin attack      -Heavy attack now fires 3 fire tornadoes        that spread out the field (similar to how Dead Messenger works)      -Tornadoes now count as a amped up        sunspot (if Sol Invictus is equipped).        These amped sunspots grant 8 seconds of restoration and give 3x ability energy (basically pre-nerf sunspots  Overall, Sunbreakers are really great, it’s been my main even with void 3.0 (Sentinel still holds a special place in my heart), though Burning Maul felt a bit lackluster [b]Striker[/b] -Fist of Havoc      -While amplified, aftershock after        slamming from the air has an increased radius (3m increase)      -20% damage increase against Pve        combatants -Thundercrash      -Being amplified increases the speed of        Thundercrash Striker has been pretty fun, not my favorite but it’s been fun especially Thunderclap. Only the supers feel like they are holding the subclass a bit behind [b]Sentinel[/b] -Ward of Dawn      -Weapons of Light buff now grants 35%        damage increase      -Overshield from Ward of Dawn last        longer (20 seconds base) -Sentinel Shield      -Damage buff from Shield is increased to 50% -Shield Throw      -Increased shield throw speed and aim        assistance (aim assist increase only        applies to Pve targets)      -Ricochets 1 extra time before        disappearing Sentinel has been my favorite subclass and I really enjoyed the rework, though the nerf to Weapons of Light felt kind of confusing as it just made bubble a weaker Well (I still use it though) And thats all the classes. I posted a link yo a doc I madr that has all my previous ideas from my previous posts if you guys wanna check it out. Anyways, that's all for now and if you guy have any othee ideas, feel free to leave it down below. And remember to keep it civil.

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