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9/3/2022 7:07:30 PM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C10 PT2

When they finally landed, Cayde shook Jack, announcing they had arrived. He helped her out of the ship and walked with her a couple of yards away from the ship. "Ok, before we start this shindig, I wanted to ask some questions." Jack leaned against a rock and crossed her arms, a smirk tugging her lips as she examined the Exo, "Oh? I won't tell muscles if you don't." "By the light, and I thought you were bad." Cayde chuckled at Sundance's comment, "Calm down, Mrs. Robinson," Jack looked confused at the statement. "It's just some standard questions about your abilities," he stated as he set up a few glass bottles on the rocks beside her, "So, I know you can use a sniper, seeing how you took down the Psions when I first met you. That, and I'm assuming you can use a shotgun." "I can use it better than a sniper, honestly." "Well, yeah, you don't need any skill to use a shotgun," he snorted, "But what else can you use? Sidearm, hand cannon, linear fusion rifle, scout rifle...?" "Mainly weapons like sidearms and hand cannons," she answered, "I only used the sniper when I was hunting," a grin settled on her lips, "That's actually why I found you. I was hunting in that area, and when I heard shooting, I investigated. Mainly because Sheldon was curious. He also wanted to help; if it were up to me, I would've let you handle the Cabal yourself." "You're so kind," the Exo teased, "How is Sheldon?" She frowned, "Oh, he's good... I think... I don't know." "Trouble in paradise?" Jack laughed softly, "You could say that..." she crossed her arms as she debated elaborating, "Cayde... Do you trust the Traveler?" He thought for a moment, "Eh, sort of? I don't know; I mainly just listen to Zavala and Ikora and will make raids and strikes. I've never thought much into that big beautiful ball." "Helpful, Cayde." He chuckled, "I always am," he walked over to the Queen and picked up a large black case, "Look, I honestly don't care if you trust the Traveler. You're a Hunter, not a Warlock. Hunters are known for doing their own thing and not caring about the politics of the Traveler or the tower. Hell, even the Titans don't really get that involved. So, if you don't like the Traveler or don't trust him, that's fine, just don't say it to Zavala and Ikora. Many Guardians don't trust it; they mainly follow orders for loot and glimmer." Jack nodded slowly, her finger tracing her bottom lip as she thought, "Well, that's a little more comforting, I guess...." Cayde set down the case and turned to her with a gentle smile, "Like I said, kid, we're not a cult. We will not force you into believing or doing something you don't want. You have a job to do, but we can't force you to do it. You still have full control." She hummed, feeling a bit of relief wash over her. She didn't know why, but Cayde's words comforted her, "Yeah, thanks, Cayde," she spoke with a genuine smile. "No problem... Now!" He clapped his hands together, "Let's get to it!" He snapped open the case to reveal multiple types of guns, from sidearms to pulse rifles. "Pick your poison. We've got hand canons, sidearms, a shotgun, a fusion rifle, a pulse rifle-" he picked up a metal bar from the case, "Whatever this thing is." She grinned as he tossed the metal bar behind his shoulder, "I think I'll just stick with a hand cannon." He grinned as he handed the hand cannon to her, "Smart girl." She held the gun in her hands; it was dark silver with golden trim lining the handle. She held it up to aim at the bottles, the weapon heavy in her hands as she took aim. "Alright, so what you'll need to do is-" he yelped as three shots rang out through the forest, birds screeching as they fled from their perches, "Holy hell!" He barked, "Give me a warning before you start shooting!" She turned to him with a playful smirk, "Sorry, I just assumed you wanted me to start." He sighed before growling, "No, I needed to make sure-" He looked over at the bottles; two out of the three of them were shattered. He glanced at Jack and shrugged, "Still missed one." "Yeah, but I still got two." "But you still missed one." "So? I can just shoot this one, too," she raised her weapon again and placed the bottle in the middle of the sight. "You're doing it wrong." She sighed, rolling her eyes before lowering the gun, "And how am I doing it wrong?" "You're not squeezing it," Jack gave him a weird look causing him to approach her, "Here, let me show you." He came behind her and cupped his hand with hers, squeezing her hand so her grip would tighten. She tensed at how close he was, his chest pressed hard against her back. She tensed at his touch; never once had she let someone get this close to her. She quickly shook the thought of the warmth that admitted from his body and looked down the sight. She stared at the bottle as Cayde told her to steady her breathing. "Alright, so, just relax and look down the sight," he explained, "You want to get the bottle in between the cccccmmmmm-" Her brow narrowed in confusion as his voice trailed off as if his lungs were filled with water. She looked away from the sight and down his hand that surrounded hers. Cayde's hand was no longer wearing a glove and was covered in tan flesh. She could see his forearm, a watch wrapped around his wrist, and hair covering his forearms. Her eyes widened as it sunk in that this wasn't Cayde, her fight or flight instincts immediately kicking in as she rammed her elbow into the person's side. They stumbled away from her, clutching their side. She spun around and aimed the hand cannon at them, her heart-stopping as she saw the familiar blue Exo. "What was that for?!" He cried as his arms were wrapped around his waist. "-blam!-, Cayde, I'm so sorry!" She yelped as she set down the gun and rushed to his side, her hand resting on his shoulder, "I-I thought I saw something." "So you elbowed me?!" "N-No, I...." She bit her lip. Should she tell him? [i]"T-T-Tell h-him, Jack, h-he might k-know what to d-d-do," [/i]Sheldon breathed, his voice returning to its stuttering due to how far they were from the Traveler. Jack's shoulders tensed; what was the worst that could happen? "I-I've been seeing things..." His gaze softened, his posture returning as he started to feel concerned, "What do you mean?" Jack explained to Cayde the little boy she saw, her dream, and the man she had thought he was. She tried to explain it the best she could, but the more she explained, the crazier she sounded. "I had to shoot him," she spoke softly about the man in her dream, "Every time I have to shoot him, I feel so guilty, and I don't know why," she paused for a moment before looking back at him with a sorrowful look, "I really am sorry, Cayde." Cayde's expression was serious, his brow furrowed and his eyes dark with thought. Her apology snapped him out of his daze, giving her a nod before turning to the case and packing the weapons, "Don't worry about it, kid; I would've done the same thing." "What are you doing?" "I'm taking you back to the tower; I want Elizabeth to look you over." "What, why?" "Just as a precaution," he replied, "While you're with her, I'll talk to the Speaker, see if he might know about what's going on." She glared at him as he took the hand cannon from her, "I'm not crazy, Cayde; I know what I saw." He let out an amused scoff, "I know, kid, trust me, I know you're not crazy. Now come on, we need to get back to the tower."

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