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Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C9 PT1

[b]Chapter 9. The Argument [/b] "I don't think I've ever had something that good before," Jack sighed with contentment as she walked with Cayde back to her room. "Right!" Cayde exclaimed, "Did I not tell you the ramen was to die for?" She smiled and nodded as she held her hands behind her back, humming, "You did... Though, to be honest, I didn't really believe you." "Well, that just goes to show that you should," he patted her back, "Stick with me, kid, and I'll show you all the best places this city has to offer." Her smile softened as she stared at the ground, the image she had seen at dinner replaying in her head. "Hey, Cayde?" She asked, Cayde humming in curiosity, "Do guardians get flashes of scenes? Like, memories expect you've never experienced them in person?" Cayde thought for a moment, "Mainly with Exos, but it has happened to some Guardians. Why are you having something like that?" She frowned, debating if she should tell Cayde or not. "I... I don't know, I've just been seeing things, having nightmares, but I've always had them," she looked up at him, "Even back out in the wild, I had them, but they feel worse now.... somehow," she walked over to the railing that separated the tower from the far drop below. She rested her forearms before continuing, "Maybe it's because of that?" Cayde stood beside her as she looked out at the Traveler, "Hm... maybe, maybe being close to the Traveler is allowing you to regain memories?" She turned her gaze to him, "You think?" He shrugged, "Just a thought. There's still a lot about the Traveler we don't know about." "Then why follow him?" He sighed, "Haven't we had this conversation before?" "Yeees," she answered with a grin, "But I still haven't gotten an answer." "Look, Jack," he turned her to look at him, "The Traveler brought us back to life and is keeping our people safe; it's only fair that we repay the favor by protecting it from the darkness." "But there's so little we know about it... what if it's evil?" Cayde was silent for a moment, his optics becoming duller as he thought. "Then we'll cross that bridge when we come to it." Jack frowned; that was definitely not the answer she wanted to hear. "Come on, it's getting late, and you need to get to bed." "Why, dad?" she teased as she pushed herself off the railing. He scoffed, "Because, young lady," He wagged his finger at her, "You'll start training tomorrow." She followed him close behind as he continued to walk, "I already know the basics of guns and survival; I learned that while out in the wild." "Yes," Cayde answered, "But you can always improve, and if Sheldon can't revive you, then you'll need all the help you can get." Sheldon. She had utterly forgotten about Sheldon! She was completely distracted by the ramen and the memory; she had forgotten entirely about what had happened to him. "Crap," she mumbled. Cayde looked back at her with a confused look, "What?" "Nothing, I just..." she paused as the gears in her head turned, "Do you really think he can't revive me?" "The Speaker seems to think so, and honestly; I don't think it's worth testing out if you can be rezzed or not. We don't need another dead Guardian." "But if he's "fixed," she made quotation marks with her fingers before muttering, "Freaking stupid..." Her voice returned to its standard pitch, "Wouldn't he be able to revive me?" "Well, yeah, in the city, at least… maybe." Jack narrowed her brow, "What do you mean?" "I'll explain more tomorrow," Cayde replied, "Hopefully, I'm wrong, but," he laughed and clapped her shoulder, "I'm never wrong." She scoffed and rolled her eyes, "Uh-huh, I totally believe that." "As you should," he winked. He soon stopped in front of the entrance to the building Jack was staying in; he turned to her and grinned, "I'll be here around 6, so be sure to set the alarm." "The what?" Cayde stared at her for a moment before sighing and turning to go into the building complex, "Nevermind, I'll show you." "Well, excuse me for not understanding what crazy technology you guardians have," she smirked as she followed close behind him into the building. When they reached her room, Cayde pointed to the small blue box on her end table. He explained to her what an alarm clock was and showed her how to set the alarm and how she could turn it off. Her mouth hung open the entire time as she stared in disbelief. She stared with wide eyes, "Daaaamnm, that's crazy!" Cayde couldn't help but scoff, "This is crazy? Not a spaceship or being revived from the dead?" She grinned and nudged the Exo, "I see and hear about that stuff all the time, but this!" She picked up the alarm clock, "I've never heard about this before!" He sighed and shook his head as he ruffled her hair, "Alright, kid, I'm heading to bed." She quirked a brow, "Kid, you always call me kid," she mused before setting down the alarm clock and crossing her arms, "Why?" Cayde chuckled, "Because you're a hunter, I call all my hunters' kid." "Alright, dad," She smiled before leaning against the dresser, her eyes half-lidded and her head tilted to the side, "So, where do you live, exactly?" He raised a brow as he eyed her body; she seemed more relaxed than she had been all day. "Cayde, I wouldn't-" "See that?" he pointed to the window, particularly a small building across from them, "That little shack on top of the building? That's my little neck of the woods. I'm there when I'm not with the Vanguard, at the bar, or eating ramen. But, uh, I'd suggest only bugging me in case of emergencies; I got really cranky otherwise." She smirked, "Dooley noted," He nodded and turned to leave, "Goodnight, Cayde..." He waved without turning around, "Goodnight, kid."

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