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8/6/2022 10:05:44 PM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C6 PT 2

"Alright, these might be a little big, but it was the only clothes I could find that looked to be around your size." Cayde entered the room with a box full of clothes; he immediately paused when he noticed what she wore. Jack sat up fully and looked at Cayde with curiosity. "Oh, uh, sorry," he mumbled as he looked out the ground, "Probably should've knocked." She looked down at herself before laughing softly, "It's okay, it's not like I'm naked," she then stood up, walking over to him and taking the box. She placed it on the bed and pulled out a gray t-shirt, orange pants, and a matching jacket. She also pulled out several pairs of undergarments, a couple of other t-shirts, and a pair of shorts. "So, what do you think?" She turned to him and smiled, "These'll do; thanks, Cayde." "Of course," he smiled, "We gotta look out for each other in this world." She shrugged, "I guess… I don't know; I tend to do better on my own." Cayde chuckled, "Spoken like a true Hunter." She grinned as she softly spoke, "You really want me to be a Hunter?" He shrugged and sat next to the box of clothes, "Not up to me." "I know, but you keep mentioning it." "Well, the more Hunters, the merrier," he grinned, "Besides, if we have more Hunters, then maybe we could finally beat the Titans in the Crucible." She laughed and rolled her eyes, "What is with that thing? Elizabeth mentioned it, and now you're on about it… again." He chuckled softly, "You'll understand when you start participating. Constantly getting your head bashed in by a Titan just to be rezzed to get a rocket to the face isn't fun." Jack folded her clothes as she listened to the Exo, "I don't think I'd like the crucible, anyway. It sounds like it'd annoy me; I wouldn't want to waste my time with something that pisses me off." "It's good for training." She scoffed, closing the dresser drawer before turning to him, her hand resting on her hip, "And how is being killed repeatedly good for training?" "Uh, because then you'll know what to do in battle!" He argued. She hummed while shrugging before taking a seat next to him, "I just don't see what's the fear of losing a fight when you can't die." "Well, you can," he rubbed the back of his neck, "If someone kills your ghost, you can't be revived," Jack just hummed in response, her hand thinking on its own accord as her fingertips lightly traced the rusted metal of her dog tags. Cayde's optics followed her fingers, eyeing the dampened metal before asking, "What's that?" She looked down, "Oh, these?" She pulled the chain up to reveal the pair of dog tags that were hidden underneath her towel, "I don't know, I had them when I first woke up. I always feel the need to have them with me; I don't know why, but they comfort me..." she paused, "I want to find out who I was before I awoke." Cayde looked at her curiously, "I don't know, kid; Zavala doesn't really like it when guardians try to find out their past." "Why?" "Because," he started, "First, we've lost a lot of guardians because they wanted to go off and figure out their past instead of fighting the darkness. And second, it doesn't matter. Who you were before… doesn't matter; it's who you are now." "I understand," she whispered, "But this is important to me. I have these flashes, almost like dreams, but I'm awake. Sometimes I see people I've never seen before, yet I know them. Deep down, I believe that if I figure out my past, then maybe I can figure out what those flashes are." Cayde was silent, his optics fixated on the dog tags. He gently took hold of them and studied the words, "Jack D. Anderson," he muttered. "I don't know if that's even my real name; I just assumed it was." He hummed, "We could always ask Elizabeth to take a look at these. She's probably got some chemicals that could melt this rust off." "You think?" She asked, raising a brow. "But, how will chemicals help?" "Well, these are dog tags," he answered, "Dog tags were for military personnel before the collapse. They usually would show your name, blood type, religion, and a number specific to your person; they used to call it a social security number." "And that'll help because…?" He sighed, "If we can access government files before the collapse, then maybe we can figure out if these tags really belong to you or not. And if they do, then that might be able to explain your past." Her eyes widened, clearly taken aback by his comment, "You're going to help me?" Almost regretfully, he nodded, "Yeah, just don't tell anyone." Jack let out a breath of relief, closing her eyes as a smile spread across her lips, "Thank you, Cayde." He nodded, "No problem…." Jack then reached down, grabbed the shorts, a t-shirt, and one of the pairs of undergarments, and made her way into the bathroom. Cayde watched as she left, not sure if he should go or not. He gripped his knees as he tried to think of what to do or say until he heard her call out. "Hey, Cayde, what's this?" Jack questioned as she left the bathroom, now dressed in the shorts and shirt he had given her. He looked at the object in her hand, "Oh, that's a hairbrush." She was silent for a moment, "Hairbrush, that sounds familiar." He laughed gently, "Here, hand that to me and sit down." She did as she was told and took a seat before him. She jumped when she felt him gently grip her hair. He dragged the brush down her locks, and a soft laugh came from Jack. "Ooh, so this is what it's used for." "Yup, what, you never brushed your hair before now?" "No, I have," she responded, "I've just always used my finger- Ow!" "Sorry," he murmured as Jack winced in pain, "You've got a lot of knots. You look good with blonde hair, by the way." She grinned, "I've always had blonde hair." "Really? Could've fooled me; I honestly thought you were a brunette." She glanced back at him, "Is it bad I'm blonde?" "What? No!" He laughed. "You just sounded disappointed," she smirked, her hands resting on the comforter between her crossed legs. He laughed, "I'm just messing with you, kid. You look better now because your hair isn't a rat's nest." They spent the next few minutes in silence, Cayde too focused on getting all of the knots out without hurting her, while Jack felt comforted by Caydes hands gently brushing her hair. When he was finally finished, he set down the brush and smiled as he viewed his handiwork. "There, you have my seal of approval." She laughed as she ran her fingers through her hair, "Thanks, it definitely feels good being clean." "I can imagine," Cayde said as he stood up, "Alright, kid, I gotta get going. Have some things I need to do before I call it a night." "Alright," she said with some disappointment, "I'll see you tomorrow?" He nodded, "Of course," he ruffled her hair, "I'll see you tomorrow, Jackie; goodnight." "Night," she said softly as he left her room. Cayde sighed as the door slid shut. [i]"Clinnngy," [/i]Sundance said, dragging out the word. "What do you expect? She's been alone all her life," Cayde stated defensively, "Besides, she's not that bad." [i]"No," [/i]the Ghost responds, [i]"But if you don't set boundaries, she will be." [/i] Cayde hummed, "What do you think about Sheldon?" She was silent for a moment,[i] "I don't know, I've never seen anything like it before." [/i] "Think he's like that because of the darkness?" [i] "No, no, this is different. Somehow crueler than what the darkness would do." [/i]She paused, [i]"We need to find out what he remembers; we can't let this happen to other Ghosts." [/i] "You're right," Cayde nodded, "But you've seen how he acts; I'm afraid that if we push him too much, he'll snap." [i]"Maybe, but what else can we do?" [/i] The Exo remained silent as he thought about what his Ghost said, [i]"Are you really going to help her figure out her past?" [/i] "Sure, why not?" [i]"Because Zavala's going to be pissed."[/i] "Zavala's always pissed," Cayde argued, "Besides, it'll be easy. Just find some old data files with the name Jack D. Anderson and then boom, done!" [i]"If you say so,"[/i] she grumbled,[i] "And this has nothing to do with you and your own past?" [/i] Cayde stopped in his tracks, his fists instinctually clenching as her words echoed throughout his mind. "No, it doesn't." Sundance remained silent, realizing that she may have gone too far. She didn't believe him for a second, though. Cayde had always wondered about his Ace and his Queen, and if Jack could figure out her past, maybe so could he.

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