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8/3/2022 2:40:46 AM

Destiny: Jack D. Anderson C5 PT2

When Elizabeth finished her examination, she helped Jack up from the table and led her out of the building. Jack listened intently as Elizabeth went on about the best places in the tower to eat and the best places to sit and watch the sunrise and set. She would introduce Jack to random people they passed by, all seeming to know Elizabeth, and none of their names Jack remembered. They walked down a set of stairs and made their way into a hallway with red carpeting, a large man in orange and white stood to the side with his hands behind his back. He gave them a nod as they walked past. "Morning, Shaxx," Elizabeth smiled. "And to you, dear Elizabeth." She leaned down to Jack, "Shaxx is in charge of the Crucible, a training ground for guardians. Definitely not a place for making friends; many guardians get mad at each other when participating." "Sounds like fun," Jack said sarcastically. Jack perked up when she saw Cayde standing beside a long table with two other people next to him. One was a woman with a darker complexion and no hair; she was dressed in long magenta robes with an armband that displayed a glowing symbol. The other was a man who was also bald and had a blueish luminous color on his pale skin; he wore white and red armor and had a very stern expression on his face. Cayde was muttering something as Jack and Elizabeth came in; Elizabeth immediately noticed and cleared her throat. "Speak of the devil," Cayde grinned as he turned to see the two, "How's the patient?" "Malnourished, but other than that, she's perfectly fine," Elizabeth smiled down at Jack as she rested her hand on her back, "I'll leave you to it." Jack watched as she turned around and left, Cayde immediately coming to her side and wrapping his arm around her shoulders. "Jackie, this is Ikora and Zavala," he said as he pointed to the two, "Ikora leads the Warlocks and Zavala the Titans." Ikora bowed her head and gave a soft smile, "It is very good to meet you; it must have been very hard surviving on your own for so long." "How did you manage?" Zavala questioned with a quirked brow. "Well," Jack cleared her throat, "I just did, I guess. Sheldon helped me a lot, you know, the uh, the Ghost?" "May we see your Ghost?" Ikora asked, "Ghosts are just as important as our guardians, and we'd love to meet him." Jack looked to Cayde, who gave her a reassuring smile, and then back to the others. "It's up to him; he's sort of shy..." "We mean no harm," Zalava said calmly yet forcefully, "We just want to meet him." [i]"It's okay, Jack,"[/i] Sheldon appeared in front of the Vanguard, "Hello, it's nice to meet you." Cayde's optics widened as Zavala and Ikora frowned; Ikora was the first to speak, "It is very nice to meet you, um… Sheldon... Cayde told us of your malfunctioning, though it appears you don't have it." "No," the Ghost answered, "I stopped malfunctioning when I came past the city walls." The Warlock and Titan Vanguard eyed each other, "It must have to do with the Traveler," Ikora hummed, "We should take them to see the Speaker; he may know more." "Okay, hold up," Jack spoke, her tone frustrated, "Can you please tell me what's going on, what's with the obsession with Sheldon?" The two turned to her, Zavala's expression stern as he answered, "We have never encountered a Ghost with his condition. We are concerned that it may spread to other Ghosts." "Like a disease?" "Perhaps," Ikora responded, "Or it could be that the darkness is gaining more power." "But Ghosts affected by the darkness never acted like this before," Cayde argued. The Warlock nodded, "Yes, but the darkness is still a great mystery to us. Perhaps it could affect certain Ghosts differently." "If that is the case..." Sheldon's voice deepened in thought, "Then I must have been affected by the darkness for a very long time." "Oh?" Ikora raised her brow. He nodded, "The first memory I have was when I awoke, Jack; I was defective even then." "You're not defective," Jack snarled, "Why would you say that?" He turned to her, "What else would it be, Jack?" "I don't know, different, special, unique, one of a kind…! Something that actually means a good thing!" She turned to the Vanguard, "There's nothing wrong with Sheldon, alright? I appreciate the concern, but he's perfect the way he is." "Jack..." Sheldon spoke in a tired voice, "You-" "Guardian," Zavala interrupted the Ghost, "We are also concerned about the safety of all the other Ghosts if the darkness is becoming stronger or this is some sort of disease... We have to know to protect the others." Jack frowned, she understood where the Titan was coming from, but she still didn't appreciate her friend being viewed as broken or some type of patient zero. "Cayde," Zavala spoke again, "Can you please show Jack to her room." Cayde eyed him for a second before nodding, "Uh, yeah, sure, come on, Jack," he began to usher her out of the room, "You'll love your room. It's nice and big...." Ikora turned to Zavala as Cayde's voice faded down the hallway. "What are you thinking?" Zavala frowned as he looked down at her, "With the right training, she will be a good guardian... Though her Ghost still concerns me." She nodded, "Hopefully, the Speaker will know what to do."

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