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[BNG] Beyond Light & Season of the Lost Known issues/Vital Info. - Updated Sept 23

[quote][b][u]DISCLAIMER[/u][/b] [b]This is not a complete list of all known issues, but a targeted list of specific issues.[/b][/quote] [i]Last Updated: September 23, 2021[/i] --- [b]VITAL INFORMATION[/b] [quote]• [url=/en/Help/Article/49651]Season 12-15 Known Issues article[/url] • [url=/en/Forums/Post/258390273]Companion App Issues[/url] • [url=/en/Help/Article/46684]PC Known Issues[/url] • [url=/en/Forums/Post/257630620]PC FPS Issues thread[/url] [/quote] [u]GENERAL[/u] [quote] • Enabling [b]Cross Play[/b] is required for players looking to enter [b]Trials of Osiris[/b]. Players who have Cross Play disabled cannot enter Trials of Osiris. • [b]Season Passes[/b] will be applied to the first character account that signs in. Players should set up Cross Save BEFORE logging in to Destiny 2. For more information, [url=/CrossSave]click here[/url]. • [b]Stasis subclasses[/b] are only available with a Destiny 2: Beyond Light game license. Players who do not own Destiny 2: Beyond Light on a platform, even with Cross Save active, will lose access to the Stasis subclasses. [/quote] [u]SEASON OF THE LOST CONTENT[/u] [quote] • The [b]A Hollow Coronation Exotic Quest[/b] is account-scoped and will not be visible for all other characters on an account after being claimed. • Players with a full inventory will not earn [b]Season of the Lost Seasonal Currency[/b], and the currency will not go to the Postmaster. • Players receiving error code [b]URCHIN[/b] when attempting to play Mission Cocoon need to clear out a space in their quest inventory. [/quote] [b]TOP ISSUES BEING INVESTIGATED[/b] [u]GENERAL[/u] [quote] • [b]Titan's middle tree's melee speed[/b] to throw hammers has unintentionally been increased by 60%. • The [b]Gunslinger's melee attacks[/b] have a longer lockout time when their knife is charged. • Opening the Armor Synthesis screen with a piece of [b]faction armor (Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, or New Monarchy armor and armor ornaments)[/b] equipped will cause the game to crash. • The [b]Vex Fanatic's Radiolarian Fluid pool[/b] persists and continues to do damage for about 8-9 seconds after the visual pool disappears. • Shaders that came pre-built on armors, such as Iron Banner shaders, [b]appear before the Default option[/b] in the Appearance Customization menu. • Some players may appear as [b]invisible or visually loading[/b] for extended periods of time. [/quote] [u]SEASONAL CONTENT[/u] [quote] • The [b]Wayfinder's Voyage V seasonal challenge[/b] cannot be progressed with Taken kills with bows.. Players can progress this challenge with Scorn kills with bows. • The [b]Astral Focusing perk from the Wayfinder Compass[/b] does not give a Tier 3 Weapon for their first Techeun rescue each week • In the [b]Shattered Realm[/b] activity, players may not be teleported even when the screen is fully white. Players should continue walking forward until they are teleported. • The [b]"Ascendant Hero" Shattered Realm triumph[/b] does not track completions past 28. • In the [b]Shattered Realm[/b], significant color clipping occurs when players and enemies use special abilities, such as grenades and lightning abilities, or when players stand near parts of the environment with certain effects, such as the mining drill. • The [b]Shattered Realm[/b] may cause eye fatigue after extended periods of time due to the low contrast environment. To mitigate this, players may need to adjust their brightness settings inside the game or on their display. • In the [b]Shattered Realm[/b], players going through teleporters may sometimes come out facing the wrong way. • In the [b]Shattered Realm[/b], any weekly chests players have already opened for a given week will always appear in subsequent runs. These chests can be opened but will not grant any additional rewards. • In the [b]Astral Alignment[/b] activity, there can be an extensive delay between opening the final chest and receiving the activity rewards. [/quote] [u]ERROR CODES[/u] [quote] • We are currently investigating connection issues related to error codes [b]ANTEATER[/b] and [b]WEASEL[/b]. • We are currently investigating an increase in [b]BABOON[/b] errors. [/quote] [u]CROSS PLAY[/u] [quote] • Settings for [b]voice chat[/b] persist between Steam to consoles. Players have to log into Steam to turn Voice chat to On or reset their audio to default options. • A player’s [b]Bungie Friends list[/b] doesn’t update automatically when accepting Bungie Friend Requests. • When attempting to [b]import friends from other platforms for Bungie Friends[/b], some platforms display an error and can’t import friends. • Changing the platform setting [b]"Others can communicate w/ voice, text, or invites"[/b] does not take effect until the client has been restarted. [/quote] [u]PC[/u] [quote] • We are investigating an increase in [b]error code POTATO on PC[/b]. Players who have non-English characters as part of their installation folder name may be able to resolve this issue by replacing those characters with English characters. • We are investigating an [b]increase in crashes[/b] on PC. • We’re investigating reports of issues related to [b]low performance on PCs[/b]. • Players running Destiny with an [b]integrated graphics card[/b] may encounter gameplay performance issues if the integrated graphics card does not meet the minimum required PC specs. [/quote] [u]CONSOLE[/u] [quote] • We are investigating an [b]increase in crashes[/b] on Xbox Consoles. • On controllers, when [b]"Charged Melee"[/b] is mapped to an input, changing the button layout will retain that mapping. Players can reset the custom layout or clear the mapping for "Charged Melee" to fix this issue. • When using the [b]DualSense controller[/b] and playing the [b]backwards compatible version of Destiny 2 on PlayStation 5[/b], the controller rumble is intense. The DualSense Vibration Intensity can be adjusted by pressing the PS button on the Controller, navigating to Accessories > Wireless Controller > Controller Settings, and adjusting Vibration Intensity. Players can also use a PS4 Controller instead. [/quote] [u]ITEMS AND WEAPONS[/u] [quote] • The [b]Tools of the Chosen focusing option in the Prismatic Recaster[/b] only gives one weapon drop instead of two. • The [b]Red War Collections badge[/b] became unfinished with the redistribution of the Exodus Down armor. This does not affect any previously earned titles that required the completion of this badge. [/quote] [u]EXOTICS[/u] [quote] • The [b]Ager's Scepter Catalyst[/b] doesn't gain bonus progress for destroying destructible walls or precision kills. Shatter kills with Ager's Scepter also do not progress the Catalyst. • [b]Hawkmoon's Paracasual Shot[/b] on x6 and x7 damage doesn't deal as much damage as before. • The [b]Lorentz Driver[/b] Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle's target acquisition may sometimes pick a target that is on a different plane (for example, an underground enemy). • The [b]Arbalest[/b] Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle will not work with anti-Champion mods in Season of the Lost. In a future update, anti-barrier will be added as an intrinsic perk for the weapon. • The Titan Exotic chest armor [b]Heart of Inmost Light[/b] does not grant bonus health to barricades. [/quote] [u]QUESTS AND TRIUMPHS[/u] [quote] • Wyvern precision kills may not always count toward the [b]Sweet Spotter triumph[/b]. • The [b]Three Birds, Three Stones triumph[/b] can only be completed in core playlist modes. • The [b]Dreaming City Defense seasonal challenge[/b] can be completed but can't be redeemed until week 10, causing the seasonal challenge tab to continuously flash. • [b]The Corrupted Nightfall triumph[/b] to score over 100,000 points isn't counting points correctly. [/quote] [u]ACTIVITIES[/u] [quote] • Sedia's shield in [b]the Corrupted Nightfall[/b] regenerates incredibly quickly. • Platinum rewards aren't possible in [b]the Corrupted Nightfall[/b]. • Horror's Least is dropping from [b]the Corrupted Nightfall[/b] at 0 Power • Knights in the [b]Prophecy Dungeon[/b] are incorrectly dropping Light and Dark motes based on the player’s location. • The elevator in [b]the Corrupted Strike[/b] sometimes cannot be interacted with, blocking the progression of the strike entirely. [/quote]

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