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What’s wrong with me

>be me >be going to sleep >your deepest darkest cringe moments show themselves >spend literally 2hours thinking about the different things you couldn have done to not cringe >get on ot to post about it aw crap here we go again First cringe was at some place in Disney world I was like 8. We were at Tom mans island in the fort, a kid that you can barely understand (no offense he seemed nice) he sounded like that kid from that dan tdm vid where he was speaking bad (no offense tho) he seemed to be older than me maybe a year or two. His dad is a huge buff dude staring into my soul and dole whip his dad says he wants to play chess (WHERE TF DID THIS CHEESSSSS BOARD COME FROM WE ARE ON A FRIGGIN ISLAND!) I get smacked by this kid I did not score a single thing (I was pretty good at chess ) the kid proceeded to laugh and point at me (o boy this was the icing on the cake ) this went on for what seemed like 3 minuets I was a little insecure kid parents were not around (they knew I was here but were on a different level of said fort there were multiple people around I wasn’t gonna be kidnap) I did not want to strike a conversation with said kid cause not understanding him would make it even worse and couldn’t walk off with huge buff dude watching The kid stops and leaves the dad gives a handshake I think he knew my pain Cringe two this is pure raw cringe I was at gatlinburg Tennessee a dontut place My dumb eyes go right to a Starbucks drink full and me was thirsty my eyes did not see anyone around it I point at it and yell “WHO LEFT THEYRE GOOD STARBUCKS JUST SITTING THERE” (my parents say the girl was staring right at me) now don’t get me wrong people that r in wheelchairs can be just as good as someone without one but this just doesn’t help my case. *i go over to it literally about to touch it* “GET AWAY FROM MY DRINK!!!!” I look up and realized what I’ve done this girl is probably 17 I’m 11 I see the rage in her eyes I feel as if I’m about to be killed or thrown in prison Everyone is staring She is looking on the brink of crying I’m shooketh thinking about my life choices My parents grab me pick me up and leave Needless to say I think about that often as I was about to take that and take that. I don’t know why I was I know about germs and stuff why would I pick a random Starbucks up? Especially this biiiig creeammy frothhyy caramel Starbucks It’s just as it were yesterday Why am I thinking about this at 4:37 am [spoiler]twirls stache [/spoiler]

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