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Can we fix the fated engram to stop including weapons you already have and just drop new rolls on the exotic armors?

I have wasted the last two fated engrams on weapons I already have unlocked and can pull from collections when I should of gotten new rolls and elemental affinity on armor 2.0 exotics. I have every droppable unlocked on my hunter already but when our old exotics and even god rolled exotics are now stat neutered and the ones we can pull from collections are elemental affinity locked (unless I'm misunderstanding something but it only seemed like I could pull them out as static rolls) making certain builds impossible I desperately need to get as many chances as possible at new rolls for the few exotics that are actually usable to compete in places like the crucible or hard nightfalls. It would be nice not to waste the legendary shards I grind so hard for and are necessary for everything now basically on things I absolutely do not need second copies of like the weapons themselves. Just a thought but it would enhance at least my experience a great deal and I'm sure many other collectors otherwise I won't even use the fated anymore in fear of wasting the shards. (note: despite having nearly 1200 hours logged which isn't much by some standards but certainly not casual I never seem to have more then 350 shards in any given time and often am out of enhancement cores, makes it hard to grind the end game content when im always running core and shard grinds lol) Honestly I'm not super fond of the elemental affinity locks because they don't really seem to be providing much in the way of balance when the op artifact mods are allowing one hit melees, grenades etc in the crucible it just forces you to use certain weapon pairings to get the maximum effect from your loadout and seems more limiting then freeing in terms of build crafting. I see what it was meant to do but I think things like targeting mods having affinity means noone can pair certain weapon types together and alot of those restrictions dont make much sense in a game that touts so many different weapons and so many ways to play with them. (For example not being able to pair handcannon and pulse rifle targeting kinda sucks when you can double up on HC reserves and start out with eriannas vow and 7 bullets every respawn in the crucible XD) Just a secondary thought and not as important as just fixing the fated to stop giving out duplicate weapons since the armor drops we can get now are theoretically infinite he should never stop dropping those once someone has every weapon on their account and therefore you would never be 'done' with fated engrams on a character. Thanks alot and I'm adoring shadowkeep and the game overall, back to the grind.

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