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New Changes to The "Well-Rested" Buff (Please share if you see fit, thanks and enjoy)

([b]Please upvote this post if you do see fit[/b], I am very passionate about this and I want this amazing community to see what I have to say, this took me quite a while to make. Leave comments if you this is informing to you and want to share your opinion or you want to share this with others, thanks for reading) While I was watching the armor 2.0 stream I noticed one of the members from the stream (Lisa Brown) hovered past the "Well-Rested" Buff/Perk (I provided a link to show the changes). For those who can't see it, the buff explains how the buff gives you 3x the XP to your first 3 "Seasons Ranks", not to your first 3 levels like it usually does. The buff also says something new saying "Weekly bounties are the best source of XP followed by bounties and quests", which is, of course, true as of now in the current build of Destiny 2 that we're in. Now, why am I making this you might ask. It's due to the fact that I have a strange theory we possibly might not get bright engrams anymore. The reason being is due to the new mentions of "Seasons Rank". Now, it could be just a better and new way of wording to make the player understand the buff more and show what your level is for that season or it could be a completely new change, who knows. Another possible theory (the one I'm hoping that will happen) is that we could get a Rise Of Iron or Destiny 1 Moments of Triumph sort of record book (Or as some other games like to call it a "Battle Pass") that we level up and as we play to gain gear and armor to make us feel like we actually get something good at the end. The way Bungie is going with the Tess bounties and gaining bright dust in Shadowkeep just makes me theorize about this change though. I don't think Bungie will just take Bright Engrams completely away from us and make us feel like we're not progressing towards anything. In conclusion, I think a change in the system would be great to have and make the game feel even fresher when Shadowkeep comes out. I'm hyped to see what comes from this DLC that Bungie has made all by themselves. I just hope Bungie does the right thing in the end and makes the community happy. If you read all of this I thank you so much, and if you enjoyed it please upvote it and share it with other people. It would mean a ton, thank you all!!!!

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