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Citizens of Off-topic,

Hello, people of Off-topic. Whether or not I know you well I've come to respect each one of you in unique ways. This land is special, and is made only more special by the institution of democracy which we formed four terms ago. But now that institution is under attack. I created the Senate as an experiment, to see how it'd work. After some time it ran out of things to do. A member of the Senate suggested its removal and I agreed. The Senate is currently being reworked into the Cabinet, a more traditional role. LiamGue, who had been Chancellor, was opposed to the change naturally, but he assured us he would not be hostile, but only a rival if we did so. That was mere days ago, now he has declared war on Off topic, and by extension really, on you. He has claimed I sent assassins after him, I did not, but you may choose to believe who you will. His goal is an Empire, and it would be the fall of the elections. Wyoming has returned, and despite my earlier stance that he may be opposed to us, we have talked it out and our most definitely allies in this fight Peoples of Off-topic, for the sake of Cookies! For the sake of Democracy! Do not stand with them! [i]Where has Liam been? Have you seen them often before this? They are lurkers at best at the moment, and the moment the conflict ends, they would vanish.[/i] To combat this threat I am commissioning the [b]Halberd Corp[/b], an elite military sanction with advanced technology and combat capabilities. Each soldier that signs up will be given a powered suit that boosts one's natural abilities and aids in such feats as wall running and the like. To scientists, the Off-topic Government is the highest point of advancement in the land, we welcome you into our ranks with open labs. Sign ups below -Lee the sheriff -TheGreatAdidas -The Rookie -Silencer Six -Rebel 2111 -Acrocanthus -Tiger -CowboyCobaltMan -Pure Vessel -Sylver19 -WillatheKilla -Ultron -Bopsheezi -ManofWar -Alpha -GameSlayer -OneEye Bucky -Tokodia -haruiisftw -PancakeMonk -StoneFlare -The Stranger -Is The Insane -FitnessGram -Sumpig-2 -Flabber Jay -Storm

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