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Team Collision

Remove team based collision


Keep team based collision


Hey Bungie, I just need to get this off my chest but I think colliding with teammates and teammates being capable of blocking bullets is the most annoying thing to me. It really sucks to have a perfectly lined up sniper shot only to have your teammate run by and block it. Also, I can't stand trying to run into cover only for my teammate to run out without a clue of what madness awaits and it ends up killing me cause he body blocks. I understand that you guys have your reasons like the difficulty of bullet detection when two players intersect but it would be the quality of life change that we desperately need in the crucible. You may not be releasing any changes to crucible until shadowkeep but this seems like such an easy toggle on or off thing that would dramatically affect pvp in a positive way. Also to those saying it bungie would never add friendly fire and also I don't care if shooting through someone isn't realistic I came here to play space guns, shoot aliens, and sink time into a game I enjoy. It just feels clunky and bad to keep team based collision. One more thing, this post isn't focused on pvp in general, I don't even care about Lord of wolves, I just want them to press the button truning team collision off It's probably as simple to them as typing in /Playercollision=false It's not a massive change but it would be nice

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