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Looking for a newly built, active clan? Well, looks like Guardians of Oath is just the clan for you Guardian. The Guardians of the Oath is an [b]18+ ADULT, XBOX ONLY[/b] clan who are currently seeking out ACTIVE Destiny members who are looking to become apart of a community and work towards a common goal with various Guardians on their side. As a diverse clan, we scale from various different places around the world, those being anyone from the US/UK/CANADA, etc, therefore, we always have players online and available during all hours of the day. As a team, we range from any type of gameplay desired by Guardians, that being anything PVE, PVP, or Endgame content. Ranging from these 3 specific categories, we have various roles setup in our unique discord that adheres to these types of gameplay. These roles are our clans LEADERS in these specific categories, we also have TAGS that fall under these categories for people who are also highly skilled, but are NOT required to assist when people ask for help. They are just Guardians who are there for an extra hand or seek out other skilled players in this category with the specific TAG. → Looking for any PVE related content, that being strikes, story missions, lost sectors, quests, adventures, patrols, public events, etc well, thats where our @VANGUARD tag comes into play. These are Guardian(s) who are heavily involved in anything PVE related and also have above average knowledge in skill when it comes to this sort of content. → is PVP your thing? Perfect, we’ve got the leader just for you. That is where our @LEGEND role takes a step in. These are Guardians who are highly skilled in anything PVP related, that being all the PVP playlists and even gambit invading. So, these are the Guardians you can seek out in our Discord if you have ANY questions regarding PVP content. → We also have our WARLORD tag that falls under PVP for people who are just looking to be apart of a private channel for skilled PVP players but are NOT required to step-in when people ask for help. That is why we call this a TAG not a role. → What about Gambit, well, thats where our @DREGDEN Guardian is here for. Again, these are individuals who have the skill and knowledge to anything Gambit related, as well as every playlist in the Gambit section. So be sure to give these guys a shout if you’re looking for our helping hand. → Last but not least, we cannot forget our Destiny Sherpa’s. These are the Guardians people can seek out when looking for endgame specific content. These individuals are highly skilled in every raid and have the capability to bring others through the raid with the patience and knowledge to teach beginners step-by-step every encounter of the raid. There is a lot more to the clan, but that is what our Discord is there for so people can checkout our channels and the information provide by myself, the Founder, and my Co-Founder. If interested, do not hesitate to contact me about joining and I will gladly send you both and clan and Discord invite. You are also welcome to BUMP this post to help spread the word which means a lot to us! Our community is excited to continue to build our clan and bring in new players everyday to fill in the empty spots. Happy Hunting Guardians! → SPECIAL NOTE ← We are actively seeking out EXPERIENCED raiders who would like to dedicate their time to become apart of an active raiding group amongst the Guardians of Oath. That being said, we are looking for players who have a strong ground on every raid mechanic and are looking to clear various raids within just a few hours. In our Discord, we have a designated PRIVATE channel setup for our experienced raiders with our special clan tag “Shadow.” As a new clan we are continuing to look to expand our numbers in our designated “raid-team” to strengthen our Guardians, thereby pushing us towards interacting in upcoming raids to attempt an Xbox “world’s first” clear within 24 hours of a raid launch. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact me so I can send you an invite to both our clan and Discord. People are also more than welcome to join the Discord for a certain time length and make a decision whether they’d like to be apart of the clan. - ThatsVVack

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