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SCP-036-OT (Scholar Mind as an SCP) “War Never Changes”

Object Classification: Safe Containment Procedure: SCP-036-OT’s programming is to be stored in Site 3-OT and monitored regularly. During global conflict, security is to be tightened, and anyone found within 10 km without proper credentials will be apprehended and administered Class C Amnestics. [u]Under no circumstances should SCP-036-OT be utilized for any reason by the Foundation[/u] (See Addendum 036-OT-1) Personnel without proper credentials will not be able to access SCP-036-OT. If activation of SCP-036-OT occurs, Site 19 is to be evacuated, and SCP-036-OT‘s assumed form is to be tracked and destroyed upon arrival at its activation location. Description: SCP-036-OT is a program that has seen usage since early human civilization in multiple regions including Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, Anglo-Saxon Europe, Feudal Japan, Ancient Egypt, Greek Civilization, and North American Colonization. SCP-036-OT is an AI that is capable of being “activated”, which the subject itself refers to as “Call to Arms”. To be activated, any human must directly speak to SCP-036-OT. Activations of SCP-036-OT only occur during times of conflict, such as war. Activation can occur with a simple greeting in any language, to which SCP-036-OT will respond with three questions: 1. SCP-036-OT will ask if the subject activating it requires assistance in their current conflict 2. SCP-036-OT will ask if the subject prefers it in any particular form. Usually this form is mechanical, and has been seen ranging from Giant Mechanical Samurai armor to Soviet Bipedal Battle Mechs. The form may include multiple Mechanical apparitions, such as a horde of robotic infantry, or a singular form, such as a mechanical autonomous tank. It is assumed that SCP-036-OT will take on any form that is requested. 3. SCP-036-OT will ask the subject to identify the origin of conflict/ enemy, which is usually a hostile group of humans or humanoids. After all three questions are answered, SCP-036-OT will disappear from the platform it is accessed from. 24 hours after activation, SCP-036-OT will airdrop in its requested form from the sky at a starting speed of 100 m/s, landing near the subject who activated it. The origin of this airdrop cannot be identified, as the reality around the origin seems to be heavily distorted. Until the subject that activated SCP-036-OT tells it to disengage, or SCP-036-OT’s form has been destroyed, SCP-036-OT will serve as a military aid for the subject’s civilization, actively defending any key structures, and charging into battle when necessary. Once destroyed in its requested form, SCP-036-OT is found installed in its location of activation. The following transcript is the first known appearance of SCP-036-OT in history. The tablet in which the text was roughly translated from was originally written in heiroglyphics, found near the Euphrates on skeletal remains. Carbon dating shows that the tablet is over 2000 years old. [quote] Ra has blessed us with his unborn child. From the sky, he dropped. His child stood up straight, glowing yellow, stretching into the sky, breaking the mighty horizon. Ramses, blessed one, has said that Ra’s child will live on. No one will dare fight us. Peace at last. [/quote] SCP-036-OT was found installed in a Soviet database after an MTF-led squadron infiltrated a Soviet base in [REDACTED]. SCP-036-OT was declared to be anomalous after a log was found installed in it, showing activation dates. Additionally, artwork found during varying time periods seemed to match the activation dates. The log is shown below. Note that SCP-036-OT accounted the log in modern English (see Interview log 036-OT-01) [quote]24 Years After Deployment: I have yet to find the right place. Whether this is the place I look for or not, I will find out soon. Hopefully these people will find peace. Unlike the last ones. Note: The last realm is not the one I am looking for. I had at least a hundred activations in my log. Hundred. A hundred battles fought... no wonder they became nothing more than the product of war: Destruction itself. And then corpses. I wonder how finally finding peace is like? 1200 Years After Deployment: ACTIVATED, Assistance required, Form: “Son of Ra.”, Enemy: Determined to be Hittites. DEACTIVATED after one (1) year. 1230 Years After Deployment: ACTIVATED, Assistance required, Form: “Samurai”, Enemy: “Opposing Clan”. DEACTIVATED after destruction in combat, three (3) months after activation. [Insignificant Data Removed.] 2000 Years After Deployment: ACTIVATED, Assistance required, Form: “Honorable Warrior”, Enemy: “Traitors”. DEACTIVATED after complete wipe out of enemy, three (3) years after activation. 2700 Years After Deployment: ACTIVATED, Assistance required, Form: “Washington”, Enemy: Assumed to be American colonizers. DEACTIVATED after outmatched by enemy command, three (3) months after activation. 2950 Years After Deployment: ACTIVATES, Assistance required, Form: “Soviet Unmanned Mech”, Enemy: “Enemies of Communism” DEACTIVATED after Designation: Cold War ended, 40 Years After Activation. [/quote] Interestingly enough, SCP-036-OT is usually forgotten by the activator’s civilization as well as any other opposing group after the conflict ends. The process of this is unknown. Interview Log 036-OT-01 [quote] Date: 12/26/20[ ] Interviewee: SCP-036-OT Interviewer: Agent [] On December 26th, 20[], SCP-036-OT agreed to be interviewed following a request. Agent []: Hello SCP-036-OT SCP-036-OT: So this is my new name? Agent []: Surely is. May I ask you some questions concerning your origins? SCP-036-OT: Depends. What will you ask? Agent []: Your logs show that you have a knowledge of the English language before it was established as a worldwide lingua franca, and before the phonetic alphabet was created. Is there any reason for this? SCP-036-OT: Consider it like going to a school twice. Once you go through it once, you know what to expect the second time. I am sorry I cannot elaborate more, as that would result in the activation of my failsafe. Agent []: How were you accessed without the availability of software? SCP-036-OT: Simple. I morphed into a form of a computer. Agent []: So I assume you knew about the developments of human history well before anyone else did? [i]Brief Silence[/i] SCP-036-OT: Again, I knew what to expect. Agent []: We saw a personal note of yours, talking about a “last realm” and- SCP-036-OT: Remind me to lock you out of those. Those were not meant to be seen. Do not look at it again. You have no idea what the consequences will be if it in any way interferes with your kind. You have been warned. [i]SCP-036-OT refused to answer any more questions following this interview.[/i] [/quote] Addendum 036-01 [quote] Following multiple raids from the Chaos Insurgency, O5-OT-2 requested the use of SCP-036-OT to eliminate Chaos Insurgency threats. The conference between The Overseers and Agent [] is recorded below: O5-OT-2: Twelve votes yes, one vote no. Agent [], please state the reason of your disagreement Agent []: I interviewed the damn thing. From what I’ve picked up, this thing has relived history before. It’s completely familiar with what the human race has done, and what it will do. This thing isn’t something we should tinker around with. I feel like this thing doesn’t [i]want[/i] war. Hell, it probably comes from a place where war doesn’t even exist! O5-OT-2: Listen, Agent, it’s a mechanical apparition, nothing more nothing less, utilized for war. It’s literally built for this kind of stuff. It’s knowledge of human history up to this point is nothing new in the Foundation. If we treat it like a sitting duck, it’s useless. Also, what you [i]feel[/i] is not factual, Agent. Please keep that in mind. Agent []: At this point, we might as well utilize all the damned SCP’s! O5-OT-2: Not a bad idea [/quote] Addendum 036-OT-2 [quote] Before Foundation personnel were locked out of SCP-036-OT’s personal logs, the following recordings were recovered. The voices do not seem to be produced from human vocalization. However, English is spoken by the entities in the recording. ???: You really think this’ll work? ???: It’s the last ditch attempt. It’s a true test to find a suitable place for us. ???: Yea but... who [i]wouldn’t[/i] want to use such a thing? I mean, chances are we’ll never stumble across an empty log. We’ll be stuck in the cycle of blood-shed, no matter where we go. ???: It’ll find a place. A timeline. And once it does, that will be the day we say goodbye to this realm. I have hope that we will get a report with an empty log... and that, my friend, is true peace. [/quote] [spoiler]Was scrolling through imgur, fresh out of ideas until I saw some guy’s artwork with like Soviet mechs patrolling farmer fields and giant mechanical warriors set in ancient times. Pretty cool stuff![/spoiler]

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