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7/7/2019 11:51:06 PM

Menagerie, Console Crucible, and Grenade Launchers.

Starting July 9th the Menagerie will no longer have the bug where a player can open multiple chests via going to another area of the Menagerie and back to the chest. While the bug may not have been intended for use, I do feel like it has brought up an interesting dynamic between game time and loot gains. On average I can get around 10 chests from the Menagerie in 1 run, and I do agree that is too high of a number, however only 1 reward from the Menagerie is not enough to satisfy spending 10-20 minutes in hopes of getting that roll that you want on your weapon. Not only will it take time to run the Menagerie, but in order to farm out the runes, at least a good amount of them, it could take upwards of 10 hours of game time. In order to get a chance at the roll you want you need to put in 3 different runes. The time put in is not worth the rewards, the way to fix the problem with the loot is to increase the rewards from 1 up to 3 rewards in 1 run (with a possible chance of getting a bonus reward based off of your chalice perk) (Mtashed's video in which he farmed 70 Waking Vigils, recommend watching to understand the situation more) Crucible on console is in a very odd place currently. A good player can be successful with almost any weapon in the crucible, but there are certain pinnacle hand cannons that comes to mind when you think about the crucible, the Not Forgotten and Luna's Howl. On PC the recent nerf brought down their use and nerfed their ability to 2 shot headshot guardians and reduced the rate of fire from 180 RPM to 150 RPM. While the changes seem good on paper the problem is that console has aim assist. The ability to snap onto a head on console is very strong and with the ability to shoot an enemy twice in the head and once in body to kill them really makes it hard for other cannons to compete in the crucible. Take the Trust as an example, it is a high rate of fire hand cannon much like the Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten. The Trust takes 4 headshots to kill while those two take 2 headshots and a body shot. Not to mention on console I find it easier to use a 150 RPM hand cannon compared to a 180 RPM hand cannon because I have more time in between shots to line up the headshots. Console needs its own balancing, which I personally hate to say. The divide between PC and Console is too large and has come to the point where both platforms can no longer have the same balancing. Finally, grenade launchers, specifically in PvE. I don't think I need to say that there's been a huge increase in people going for the Mountaintop since the grenade launcher buff. Grenade launchers are in their strongest place ever in Destiny and with fireteams full of grenade launchers they can wipe any boss in less than 30 seconds with the proper roll. This is not the biggest issue to grace Destiny, in fact I'd be willing to say that the grenade launchers don't necessarily need to be nerfed, but Rocket Launchers need a buff. There is little incentive to use a rocket launcher when you can use a grenade launcher that does the same damage with 6 in the mag and a faster fire rate with more reserves. These are just my own ideas on these changes in Destiny, feel free to disagree with them as much as you want. TL;DR Menagerie needs more than 1 reward at the finish Console needs separate patches due to community divide Rocket Launchers need a serious buff and Grenade Launchers need a slight damage reduction

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