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Let's actually give some constructive feedback on the Exotic Armor Nerfs, shall we?

Foreword: I've posted a video that shows a [u]CONTROLLED TEST[/u] of the Super Energy generating Exotics, I will be using this as a reference point throughout my post. So, when Bungie first announced the nerfs, I was on the side who was not looking forward to the changes and even now, I'm still a bit on edge about this given my time since the update dropped. Ever since the update, I've been seeing one side who has complained loudly about the issue and the other side who is basically telling the complainers to "Git gud". I want to give both sides of this update a hard look and see where both are justified and where both are "overreacting" for lack of a better word. The Do Not Nerf side: It is understandable why no one would want these exotics to be nerfed in the first place, they provided a META to strategies when it came to certain activities, specifically Raids, Reckoning, and Gambit. Being able to get most, if not all, your energy back from a single super use allowed for an easier run or to give the user some leeway in case a situation called for a second super. In some cases, like the Bridge of Folly or Seuro Chi, if a Hunter missed their Thether, the energy returned would at least mitigate some of the stress on the encounter and recover with orbs dropped, but now this ends up requiring a Hunter to be more precise with their bow shots, otherwise it could cost the whole team the run. The "Content" side: The players who are fine with the nerf have given the argument that because these nerfs have happened, you now have to either get good with your super (timing, accuracy, etc.), piggyback off of other player's light, or rely on your own light from Masterworks. Which is true, in a 6 Man Raid or the Menagerie, if at least two or three players coordinated their supers, a super could potentially be recharged if done correctly, or at least, the orbs from masterworks can top it off if necessary. Now, here's the problem, who do you think this is going to hurt the most? Solo players. It may come as a surprise to some people, but not everyone plays in a group or with friends, there are plenty of players who player on their own and many of them like to have these supers handy for things like weekly challenges, because even if they play in a matchmaking game mode, there won't always be that coordination to reliably get super back. And I would like to add that the video I posted was done in a controlled setting. All the times I and my friends have tested, we were inconsistently getting super back. Some points we got less than 25%, other times we got as much as an orb of light worth, and other times we got NONE back. So where do we stand exactly? The META primarily remains the same, but you have to be extremely cautious with how you operate. If you're playing in a Raid or Reckoning, you can still reliably get super back if you coordinate correctly, but if you mess up, you're going to potentially cost your team the run. You have to rely more so on other players now as well as masterwork weapons in order to top yourself up if you even get any marginal amount of energy back from the exotics. Are the exotics completely worthless? Not entirely, but they are now a shadow of what they once were; if you're playing in a Raid or Reckoning mode, you need to be more precise with your casting. However, as a solo sandbox use, there are other exotics and supers you can run around with for your enjoyment that haven't exactly needed to rely on exotic armors. Now, here are my [u]personal[/u] thoughts on how the Super Energy Exotics should be reworked: - Items like Ursa Furiosa and Shards of Galanor should behave like the other exotics where they gain energy immediately upon receiving or dealing damage. As it stands, because of their behavior, the amount of energy they return are extremely inconsistent. - The Skull of Dire Ahamkhara's original function should return where dealing damage to Elites, Majors, and Bosses returns more energy depending on the enemy type, but be like how Phoenix Protocol works now and caps at 75% ~ 80%. As it stands, only having the Skull return the same amount of energy regardless of enemy makes the Skull extremely damning against bosses and only serves to be used against ads, which is [b][i]NOT[/i][/b] what Slova Bomb was meant for. I think if there should be any middle ground between the nerf and for those who relied on the Super Energy Exotics, I feel the energy returned from using the exotics should be either returned to their normal values or at least increased from where they are now, but place a fairly decent cap like 75% ~ 80% as it currently works with Phoenix Protocol. This would still meet Bungie's design of limiting constant super usage, but still allow players to at least mitigate the nerf by picking up orbs from other players or masterwork weapons and solo players could still enjoy using them without feeling like their fun is being throttled by the nerf.

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