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The Logs of Giant-1: Chapter1

[i]It all started, as it did for everyone else, on that fateful day in the Last Safe City. It wasn’t particularly pretty, for there were a few scattered thunderstorms here and there that drove everyone indoors and under warm blankets. Well, everyone except Thrawn, that is. The madman was literally standing, arms stretched out, on top of one of the Towers along the wall. He said he was “Communing with the Storm”, which I guess makes sense, as Stormcallers were given their power from the storm. Didn’t stop me from taking a few pictures though. As for me, I was busy engaging in an important debate on whether or not the threat of SIVA still existed. “I’m telling you, it’s not over. We may have destroyed the Replication chamber in the plaguelands, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more out there.” “You worry too much. Even if there’s more SIVA out there, it’s not like anyone knows how to use it. Anyone that’s not already dead, of course.” “What if they [b]do[/b] find out?” “Then we’ll do to them what we did to the Splicers. Squash them.” “Things aren’t that simple, Ring.” We were talking in the Ship-turned-bar that was next to Amanda’s station in the Tower. The music was playing, and several guardians were challenging each other to a dance off, as usual. Ringer had got himself one of the specialty drinks, while I merely contented myself to water. Even though Exos can’t take advantage of the nutritional benefits of this life-giving beverage, doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. The water was particularly good that day. We sat there and talked for a while longer, when all of a sudden it happened. The Tower was shook with the force of an earthquake. Me and Ringer rushes to the courtyard to see what was the cause, when we saw the flagship of the Red Legion passing over the Tower. It was headed for the Traveler. “Ringer, i don’t know what that thing is, but it’s headed for the Traveler. We need to take it out.” He gave me a knowing shake of the head, an the both of us hopped into our jumpships in Amanda’s hangar and flew right toward the giant metal beast. “Go for the Engines,” I shouted to Ringer, “I’ll provide air cover!” “Roger that.” He said as he pulled out towards the lower half of the ship. Now, I’m no ace pilot, but neither are the Cabal, and those threshers aren’t exactly the best star fighters. I took about a dozen of them out before Ringer told me that he was pinned down and couldn’t go any further. “Alright, I’ll come to you then.” I said as I sped past the engines and transmatted of my ship. Ringer certainly was in a bad situation. Two large cabal armed with flamethrowers were spraying flames at his small box he used as cover. Scorpius turrets (which I later came to absolutely despise) were also sending a hail of flak towards his position. I sighed, pulled out my shield, and sent it flying towards the lot of them. It connected with deadly effect, ricocheting from one to the next, each vanishing in explosion of Void Light. I ran over to him and helped him up. “You good?” He nodded. “Come on. We have to stop this ship before it reaches its destination.” We headed outside and saw the beast had already connected with the traveler. But instead of attacking it, the ship had projected some sort of cage around it. The cage flashed, and suddenly I felt like I was carrying ten men on my shoulders. I could see Ringer was affected as well, because he was on his knees like I was. “What the.....what’s.....happening....” he groaned. “I...I don’t know...” I said as I struggled between breaths. As we stood back up, a contingent of cabal reinforcements were running down the halls. “Giant...” Ringer said as he drew up to his full height. He put a hand on my shoulder. “Go. I’ll cover you.” He said gravely. “The Light is gone, Ringer,” I pleaded, “you’ll die.” “You’ll die as well if you stay here. Now go!” He shoved me off the platform and turned to face the Cabal. I was inside my ship before I hit the ground. I engaged the NLS drive, but not before a few threshers spotted me and decided to avenge their fallen brethren. “Echo, get us out of here!” I yelled over the flak the ship was receiving. “I can’t!” He responded. “The navacomputer is damaged!” “Then just jump! Anywhere is better than here!” Echo closed his one small eye as he engaged the NLS drive. “Here goes....” Before we could take off, however, one of the Threshers scored a hit to the rear engines. “The fuel cells are overloaded! Abort jump! Abort Ju-“ Everything went black as the ship jumped into space.[/i] ——————————————————— [url=]Index[/url] [url=]Next Chapter[/url]

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