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This Week at Bungie: May 27 Patch Notes

This week at Bungie, we’ve reflected on our past mistakes. We’ve collected feedback from our players and we’ve decided that our sandbox does not always offer the best experience for the nine-year olds playing while their parents or older siblings are AFK in the bathroom. So, in order to create the most enjoyable experience for [b]all[/b] Guardians, we’ve made a few changes to our PvE and PvP sandboxes. To give you the run-down, here’s our Sandbox Team. Sandbox Team: Hello, Guardians! We are excited to announce our latest patches, which should encourage a safer, more fun environment for our beloved players. -Players will now spawn in with only one shot in their special weapon, with the exception of shotguns, which, to compensate with their lack of range, will spawn in with five shots. -The range of the Dead Zone Rifle found in the EDZ has been reduced to two meters. -Whisper of the Worm now has a mag size of one round. It’s RPM has been reduced to 15. It has been transferred to the Energy slot and had its rarity changed to Rare, or Blue. -The Breakneck’s perk Onslaught will now only activate after killing five enemies. Removed the Rampage perk from the weapon, as this was making it too potent in PvE activities. -The Ace of Spades now fires blanks. Cayde-6 would have liked that! After all, it was the gun that killed him. -The Thunderlord no longer fire in the common sense, but will be charged with static electricity and touching enemies with it will make their hair stand on end. One-Eyed Mask now has a 50% chance of blinding you when Vengeance is active. Removed tracking and overshield. Golden Gun now requires two headshots or one body shot to kill in PVP. In PvE, it kills Dregs in 5 shots, Acolytes in 6, and Vandals in 10, or 5 with Celestial Nighthawk equipped. -Removed Trench Barrel from the Ikelos shotgun. Reduced it’s rate of fire to 20 RPM. -Fixed an issue where players were able to communicate during Crucible matches- disabled gamechat and party use while playing Destiny- this provided an unbalanced advantage to stacks over solo players. -Fixed an issue where the Erentil-FR4 was occasionally a viable weapon over shotguns- range and impact were reduced by 60%. -the Recluse: Master of Arms will now only activate after getting a kill with a Scout Rifle at less than 10 meters. -To compensate for the above changes, buffed Jötuun’s damage and range by 300%. -Fixed an issue where players were having fun. [b]Money Money Money![/b] To give you some insights to some changes coming to Eververse in the Season of Opulence, here’s our greedy Eververse Team! Eververse Team: nEeD soMe nEw MoObs GuArdIaN? MaYbE a NeW lOok? We are excited to announce that will be easier than ever with our latest system of money-grubbing! For the new Eververse, we have received lots of player feedback and have decided that Silver will be more obtainable if it is a universal currency in the Destiny universe! All vendors will require silver to purchase from. The Glimmer and legendary shard currencies have been removed, as has the token system. But don’t worry! Silver is easily purchased from the Eververse store for a low price of $600 for a bundle of 25 silver and a blue! Alright, thank you, Eververse Team! It’s time to get on that grind- that’s right, I mean that Borderlands 3 grind! See you later, alligator! In a while, Crocodile! I’ll give you a holler, old Zavala! Cheers <3 NightHawk377

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