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VOTE: The One About Cores

Remove cores from infusion


Keep cores as is


Masterwork cores only but add perks/modes


Keep cores with more sources


Remove cores completely


Whatever side you're on, it's clear that this issue has engaged more people than any other since Eververse. From casuals to elites, bloggers and streamers alike have all weighed in. This thread aggregates all solutions I've seen. [b]Keep cores as is[/b] Some of us are willing to do the legwork while remaining thrifty with masterworking and infusion. This group believes that all the steps needed to attain and retain a healthy stack of cores are very easy to do, and that anyone who wants to should just learn how to do those things. I wish I could say more about this one, but there really isn't any more to it. Bungie's first response to the community fell in line with this choice. [b]Keep cores with more sources[/b] Some of us believe cores are OK for infusion, but that there aren't enough sources. This group is somewhat split between those who think simply more bounties are needed and those who think obtaining cores should better align with our natural choices of play (or how we naturally attain other resources). There is one naturally obstacle to the latter. If Bungie, for example, guaranteed say one core per legendary deconstruct, players could easily be flooded with cores, which would in turn make masterworking a lot more frequent. Bungie's second response to the community seems to fall somewhere in between the two. They proposed removing Scrapper bounties and replacing them with Banshee bounties. You can read [url=]here[/url] for the latest details. [b]Remove cores completely[/b] Some of us believe cores should be removed completely. I don't know much about this position. I can only say that removing cores completely would break masterworking, which would mean either coming up with an alternative or removing masterworking, as well. While there may be a separate issue regarding its efficacy, I think most of us like the concept of masterworking gear. [b]Remove cores from infusion[/b] Some of us believe cores should be removed from infusion, and it stems from a few different reasons. One reason is that cores reduce how often players can infuse. This simple fact has many added implications. The less often you can infuse, the less often you can masterwork. Bungie has not confirmed it, but this is generally thought to be what they meant by "meaningful choices". Many players in this group dig a bit deeper, however, saying that the only reason cores were added to infusion was to slow progression due to a lack of overall content (new things to do, wear and shoot). They often point to what appears to be a stark contrast between the lack of gameplay content and a steady increase in cosmetics and gear sold by Eververse. They find this disparity unacceptable now and seem especially determined to get more out of any future releases. There's more too it, but I'm not here to make any particular case. Still others in this group, like me (sorry, objectivity failed here), believe that cores most hurt players that cannot spend a lot of time playing. Their biggest concerns are core-gating activities (players can't do X for lack of power), and the falling engagement numbers that naturally follow. Lower engagement impacts a lot more than just progression; it's a domino-effect. [b]Masterwork cores only but add perks/mods[/b] This group takes the "Remove cores from infusion" further by proposing an expansion of masterworking. In a nutshell, this group believes cores should be for masterworking as intended, and that it should also include use cases for upgrading perks and mods. For example, say you have "Handcannon targeting" and you want to make it "Enhanced...". I've not read a proposal that distinctly mentions allowing this on *all* gear: that is, including gear that doesn't already allow enhanced perks. [b]ADDITIONAL OPTIONS[/b] There have been a few ideas raised in this thread that are new to me. Unfortunately, the poll questions are unalterable, so I'll list them below. [b]Decrease the cost of cores for infusion[/b] Everyone I've heard this from assumes that Bungie doesn't want to, and therefore won't, completely remove cores [from infusion]. They believe the easiest solution is to simply reduce the number of cores required, although there are sublte differences beyond that point. One proposes reducing the cost to ONE core per infusion [see Kemaleon OP below], saying it's still high enough that players would have to think about it, but low enough not to impede progression, no need to make new bounties, and originally no need to increase sources. Another proposes decreasing the cost of both infusion and masterworking by half. Additionally, they say to also double the number of sources for cores. On the latter, a comprimise was proposed to also set a core cap. So, say cores were moved up to the resource bar next to glimmer and shards, then each character had a cap of 100 or so cores. Another guardian guestimates that the core drop rate from dismantling non-masterwork legendaries is around 1-2%. They believe increasing that to 5-10% would settle the issue without doing anything else. So far, there are about 10 people in total proposing some form of increasesources and/or decrease cost. This would be a little less than 1%. [b]Make two separate currencies, one for infusion, another for masterworks[/b] A few posters have proferred this with the belief that if players were able to masterwork, they'd have no problem with the current core infusion system. Although, one of them believes the two separate resources should remain equally rare. I only found three people in this group. [b]In Summary[/b] VOTE!!!! I don't care which you want to see happen! VOTE!!!! Our only mistake is apathy. Whether you want the status quo, removal, whatever, vote on it, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, encourage your friends and clanmates to come here and do the same. If they stopped playing, shoot them a message. If they're getting married, sneak your phone into that bachelor/ette party! If it's your girl/boyfriend or spouse, promise a little action later! Thanks for the responses. OVER 1500!!! I’m also glad this has stayed so positive. A huge thanks and a lot of respect to everyone who helped keep this trending. I really appreciate it! I hope this gets pinned.

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