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4/18/2019 1:38:47 AM


Thorn needs a major buff: you still get shredded by not forgotten, lunas , ace etc in almost every crucible match, Please bungie remove the soul remnant perk it gets us killed many times when we're trying to collect the soul orb so we can have the good D1 year 1 version for a brief moment before we get -blam!- by a Not forgotten, Lunas or Roadrix Broadsword/ Ace, Yes i am talking about the year 1 Thorn we had in Destiny 1 would be a good choice to bring back in the Next update or season, Also fans wouldn't be mad about it since after all Not forgotten exist and back in Destiny 1 they were just salty imature kids and cried to you to nerf it since they didn't had the skill/ luck to get Thorn themselves, also almost every other legendary can easily beat Thorn even if you have a soul remnant collected... And you shouldn't be afraid of the opinions of the crybabies if ur gonna buff the Thorn we have in Destiny 2 back to Destiny 1 Year 1 Version, they are just salty because they don't have the weapon themselves or know how to get it, Also Thorn deserve to be the most powerful Handcannon in the game since everyone who knows the lore of it , it is a guardian killer, and Thorn is an Exotic so it deserves to be better than any other Legendary Weapon, also Ace would be a good counter to Y1 Thorn if you decide to listen to us which are Destiny veterans and fans who have stayed loyal to your franchise since beta phase of Destiny 1, Not forgotten does not deserve to be the most op weapon in game because its a legendary and i don't care how much people have grinded comp for that weapon it is still a legendary and should be treated as one not an Exotic weapon. , Destiny 1 Year 1 was way better because you introduced the Thorn which is a guardian killer it was born from Dark magic by the hive, and it outmatched almost every weapon back then which is a positive thing , since Thorn is exclusive because you need forsaken and annual pass, and you need to do alot more of grinding aswell compared to getting lunas/ Not forgotten etc, Alot of my friends got lunas and not forgotten in 1 week., My loyality to you bungie would have increased more if you decide to listen to us fans and bring the Year 1 thorn back, also most Legendary/Exotic Snipers / grenade launchers/ fusion rifles- Rocket launchers would still easily counter the D1 Y1 Thorn in Destiny 2 , You have to stop being so afraid of bringing back the good old Thorn we had in D1 Year 1, because of the crybabies who haven't growed up yet they are the ones who ruin the fun/ opinions of us who are Destiny veterans which have played Destiny back in the beta phase of Destiny 1..., Also i will gladly add more detail/ improvements to my suggestion (: [b][/b]

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