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Burning Maul and its Tree, One of Many Victims of Uselessness







With the recent announcement of the coming buffs and nerfs to various abilities, I'm still disappointed with the coming changes to Burning Maul and the nonexistent ones to the subclass tree's other perks. Please Bungie, this subclass tree is vastly underused in both PvE and PvP because of its gimmicky perks. It's also a bit annoying (and yet relieving, since I mained it in Y1) that Siegebreaker got significantly buffed, while Devastator was practically ignored. Currently, it's probably the worst subclass tree in all of Destiny. With these following suggestions, I've taken both PvE and PvP into account while also trying to resolve the crippling issues the tree has. My goal is to make this tree a viable option for both PvE and PvP. [b]Roaring Flames[/b] - Increase damage buff, with 1x = +10%, 2x = +25%, and 3x = +50% - (Optional) Increase duration to 18-20 seconds [b]Throwing Hammer[/b] - Allow user to recall their hammer from wherever, still proccing health regen after getting a kill with it, having a [b]lengthy animation similar to some of voidwalker's abilites[/b] [u]Note[/u]: Recall will [b]only[/b] work if the hammer is still in the game world, not when it already expired/ exploded - Increase the animation speed of throwing the hammer - Let perks like fastball affect it - Add a HUD indicator that points to your hammer - Don't allow other users of Code of the Devastator to pick up your hammer, it's annoying [b]Super[/b] - Get rid of the fire tornado's ability to launch enemies up, it's annoying - Following up the previous change, allow the fire tornado to pull in enemies - Replace the spin move with D1's Suncharge or a variation of it (even if you must modify the spin), giving this slow super a mobility option at [b]the cost of super energy[/b] (it'll cost at least as much as the spin does now), which would be able to OHK only neutral guardians within its path (and probably supers at 3x Roaring Flames only), and to limit its potential in power, get rid of the ability to chain it back-to-back like the current spin - Allow the user to change direction mid-slam, locking the direction of the character somewhat later than how it currently works, instead of locking the direction at the exact moment of activating the slam If there are any questions about my suggestions, please ask.

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