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11/23/2018 8:28:38 PM

Notable issues that need a fix and some solutions

First thanks for Forsaken. I feel it has helped D2. I have played since Taken King in D1 and I think we are reaching a point to where the game is getting back to a great level. However, there are some issues that need to be fixed. I know I am not the only one who feels this way so here are some of the issues as well as reasonable solutions. 1. [b]EXOTICS[/b] - We got them a bit too fast in D2 vanilla. Now in Forsaken, we don't get them at all (well some of us). I have been playing with people who get 5 in 2ish hours. While I may get one a week. Even when I get them they are usually repeats of vanilla exotics. I play a lot I have all of the quest exotics and a triumph score of a couple hundred shy of 40000. So it is not like I am not playing. I currently only have 5 forsaken exotics that are not quest related. 3 weapons and 2 pieces of armor. So something is wrong with this. I currently feel like I did in D1 when I took a hiatus because I kept getting Hereafter over and over again. [b]SOLUTION[/b]: Give us something like the faded engram in vanilla or some way to earn a guaranteed exotic that we do not have. Give us some quest or something to complete once a week that will give us 1 exotic we don't have. 2. [b]GAMBIT/CRUCIBLE STREAKS[/b] - Something that is so frustrating is when you earn a 5 win streak in either gambit or crucible and then it gets ruined by bad matchmaking. For example, I had a 3 win streak earlier this week in gambit. I started a new match which was 4 vs 1 (I was the one). I didn't get brought in midway so that didn't protect me. This was how the match started. So I lost my streak because I was one person versus 4. I have also had the streak ruined when getting brought into a crucible match and it finished while I was flying in. [b]SOLUTION[/b]: If the match is anything but a normal match meaning if you are down a player(s) or if it ends while you fly in, a loss will not take away your streak. 3. [b]TRIUMPHS and BADGES[/b] - While I really enjoy the addition of triumphs and badges to the game there are some things that could be improved. [b]SOLUTIONS[/b]: A. Make sure that they count when you complete them. I did one in gambit the other day that didn't count (looked on the internet and many others say they have the same issue)(Gambit Taken Shepherd and Taken Whisperer). B. Give me more things connected to the triumphs and badges. This can be simple things like emblems or shaders. C. Don't make them RNG based. 4. [b]INTERFACE[/b] - While in the destinations map let me see more things even if I am not a fire team leader. I want to be able to see what the daily perks on strikes are or where my rank is in gambit or crucible. 5. [b]SHADERS[/b] - In D1 shaders were one of my favorite things. In D2 I get very disappointed about the shaders. D! I would change my outfit color several times a day. In D2 I barely even use them though I would like to. They also always fill up my post office. [b]SOLUTIONS[/b]: Make shaders free in flair (or at minimum just cost glimmer). I don't want to have to pay brightdust or shards to get them out. Make them something once we earn that we can pull out and use at will. I am okay if you make them a little harder to earn. I just want to be able to use them as freely as I did in D1. 6. [b]GHOSTS and SPARROWS[/b] - I hate always just having to use the same ghost over and over because that is my XP boost one. I would like to be able to change the various ghosts but none give me as good of a perk. The same goes for Sparrow perks. The only one most people want is the one in which summons the sparrow faster. [b]SOLUTIONS[/b]: Give us the ability to do something (harvest so many planetary materials or get so many kills etc.) to unlock the perks we want and be able to apply it to the ghosts we own. This will allow us to be able to rock the ghosts or sparrows we want without the worry of missing out on a specific perk.

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