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Some Feedback on Proposed Prestige Raid TWAB Changes

Hey there Destiny 2 forums, this is my first time posting here (and as such I'm only like 90% sure this is in the right place, since it's feedback on proposed endgame changes). [Also this post is low NaCl, so if you want that go somewhere else.] As a PC player I was new to Destiny when D2 launched (so much of this is from the perspective of someone who's completed high-end (and sometimes competitive) PVE content/raids in other games, but not D1), as well as also being in the games industry. I recognize D2's outstanding issues with endgame engagement, but for better or worse I've trusted Bungie to address them. My clan's finally back raiding again after the prestige loot changes last week, and it's awesome--so thanks for that (I got my Contender's Shell too)! We don't blow through Prestige (nor are anything close to a world first team), but it's a decent and fun challenge for my group. To be frank, I'm worried/skeptical about the changes proposed to Prestige Raids in this week's TWAB, and wanted somewhere to express my trepidations that might actually get seen by CMs/Devs. Raiding is basically [i]the reason[/i] why I'm still playing D2, and coming from MMO raids, I love having an additional level of challenge, where we as players have to rethink our strategy to work around new mechanics. It's my favorite part of the experience, figuring mechanics out. I'm sad that it seems like additional mechanics for the Prestige versions of the Raid Lair(s) is off the table (especially since EoW has such a fantastic encounter design already), and my clan and I was looking forward to it. Instead, the move towards "Curated Loadout Prestige" is an attempt to manufacture difficulty via restrictions that are at odds with the foundations of the game -- player choice, exciting gunplay, and playing how we want (something that you addressed with the TWAB Nightfall changes). Restrictions such as the proposed weapon loadouts, are what I see as a bandaid fix to a stale sandbox (yes, I know sandbox changes are coming), and don't actually address adding content that's is actually challenging, and interesting on its own -- without adding an artificial difficulty of using (widely considered) sub-par weaponry. I get frustrations on your side of wanting players to use a greater variety of weapons, but IMHO this isn't the way to do it (and in my own small perspective, I do use different loadouts/specs in pretty much every Leviathan encounter). Players don't like being forced to use certain weapons, and enjoy being able to choose. I do think the idea of having a rotating Curated Raid is [i]really cool[/i] (as it reminds me of Datto's silly D1 challenge modes), but replacing Prestige entirely with it is what I don't like. From what I understood of the TWAB, you will only have a "Curated Loadout Prestige" for [u]one[/u] of Leviathan/EoW/RL2 a week, and other than normal mode there will not be another difficulty available. I'm concerned that it will feel like we're 'locked out of content' that we previously had available on weeks where Leviathan Prestige is not 'Curated' (so be ready for that being one of the stupid spammed complaints here and on Reddit). Anyways, what I'd like to ask for is that you continue to allow Prestige Leviathan to exist separately from the Curated Raids when they launch with DLC2 in May, and that (since I know how much work it would be to create similar (to Leviathan) Prestige modes for EoW & RL2) I hope in the future you consider going back to thinking about Prestige/Hard Mode/Heroic/Mythic content as changes to the gameplay systems and mechanics themselves, as I was really enjoying how you approached them in Leviathan. Thanks for listening (I realize this got kinda long), and thanks for your time, dedication, and effort making D2 as awesome as possible. [spoiler]Moderator edit: This thread has been moved to #Feedback forum so that other Destiny players can weigh in. See [url=]Cozmo's thread[/url] for more information about the #Feedback tag and its uses. Feel free to private message the moderator who moved your post, link to topic for further clarification about why this topic was moved.[/spoiler]

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