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originally posted in: Bungie Community Fireteam - 10/14/17
10/17/2017 6:50:48 PM
[quote]Are you done grinding planetary tokens for that armor you wanted? Are you done grinding the gunsmith for that rare gun you want? Are you done grinding the easy new raid for that armor you want because the raid guns suck? Are you done grinding the crucible for your Better Devils? Are you done grinding Trials of the Nine tokens because you can't go flawless due to sweaties? [b]Well have I got the answer for you![/b] [b]Behold, IRON BANNER![/b] ([i]Now with 80% less iron[/i]) Grind endlessly for [u][b]new[/b] Samurai themed armor[/u] and guns with an [u]exclusive Iron Banner sticker[/u], but with the added urgency of a limited event making you grind harder than ever before! Enjoy the absolute worse this game has to offer, with unbalanced teams, bad spawns, and meta players using the most broken weapons. Fight an endless war of attrition against camping Warlocks with infinite health, or get killed in literally under a second by the Last Word 2.0. Enjoy the endless droning of sirens as the clan you solo-qued up against captures the entire map. Lose to teams with FIVE TIMES YOUR SCORE who have been spawn killing you for the past five minutes. Get killed by a rocket launcher before you're finished the spawn-in animation, or get cross-mapped by fusion rifles. Try to capture a zone while getting hit from 8 pulse grenades, which aren't at all over powered when compared to the other grenades. Discover how useless anything that isn't the meta really is, as you're killed by the Antiope, Uriel's Gift, MIDA, and Last Hope consistently. Learn how powerful Fist of Havok is as the only roaming panic-button super. Ask yourself why Bungie left the Hunter "Wombo-Combo" in the game, only to never use the wombo-combo again, as your super, Shadow Shot, is literally just Nova Bomb, but completely useless. Wonder what the point of player choice is, as you discover the "One Path to Victory" Shaxx is always talking about is simply playing the meta, with any semblance of skill optional. [b] But how is this better than the Iron Banners of old? [/b] The only difference between Iron Banner and regular Crucible? Gone. That pesky lore of the Iron Lords nobody cared about? Gone. The uniquely modeled weapons of previous Iron Banners? Gone. The ability to buy items as you progress? Gone. The chance to get Iron Banner items as an post-game reward? Gone. The ability to re-roll weapons? (bet some of you forgot about that) Gone. The rewarding experience of obtaining high level loot and powerful items? Gone. [b] All those toxic downsides of Iron Banner are now more dead than the Iron Lords. [/b] Instead, grind away for meaningless tokens for the RNG slot machine that gives no guarantee your time will be rewarded. Win low level gear and weapons with an [u]exclusive Iron Banner sticker[/u], with a Iron Lord's chance in a SIVA replication chamber of getting the [u]new Iron Banner exclusive [b]Samurai[/b] armor[/u], which doesn't match the theme of Iron Banner one bit. Listen to Overwatch easter eggs that remind you of better games you could be playing, and end your week feeling hollow for spending all your time grinding for the armor you wanted, only to get an endless supply of Iron Banner themed garbage sidearms. [b] Let us take a moment to thank Bungie for this event. [/b] This event that showcases every single flaw of Destiny 2. This event that showcases the faults of the Crucible. This event that showcases how unrewarding the game is. This event that has managed to royally piss me off. [b] Thank you Bungie. [/b] P.S. I'm never playing Iron Banner again...until some stupid new gear comes out and I force myself to endure more of this cancer and rip my hair out.[/quote]

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