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My hunter exotic idea

Hunter exotic Name - takanome Ranger helm Alpha. Text - the ancient warriors of history before guardians. Old, the best tracking of the dark age. Rangers are diverse. This rust bucket is too. Exotic perk - ranger laze or ranger sight. Ranger laze Paints targets and gives a distance. Adds a permanent blip on radar for 15 seconds. Ranger sight. Once an enemy is spotted it auto tracks movement. Allowing you to move faster and target quicker. and gives your character +3 agility snd gives more recovery. Other perks 1 perk for each subclass Gunslinger - dragon steel. higher armor while in golden gun. Allowing more damage to be sustained. But with -2 agility for 30 seconds. Blade dancer - thunders heart. Allows blink to be used a 3rd time with a longer cool down timer Nighstalker- nights hunger. When predator perk is actively selected. Traps last up to 45 seconds. And the tether causes poison damage. But at the cost of an extra 30 seconds to super cooldown. Even with orb collection. Super will fill. Then 30 seconds will countdown. Other perk slot- plus 30 intellect. Or plus 30 strength. Stats already give plus 25 discipline. Middle perk slot - each perk gives more armor while using snipers. Voids kiss. Flames embrace. Arcs passion. Each gives more armor against damage of that type. - i thought of this to be an ancient all pupose relic. Used by the elite of the rangers. Takanome had ordered its creation. But was lost before it was fully finished. With few models out. Before the guarduans fully took charge. Description - rounded helm. Where the eyes are sits a rounded block style night vision goggle looking piece connected directly to the helm. Rust spots. And little lights on a side panel. They flick with little electric shorts. A black tribal dragon is painted curved flowing around the side of the helm. The mouth piece is an angled mask like covering in a triangular shape. With the Japanese symbol for humanity etched into it.

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