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Heavy Ammo Idea!

Heavy ammo is widely associated as a "wild card" due to the drastic variation of dynamics in games. In competitive games, heavy is considered a mechanism not worth utilising - hence why in 'Sweaties' the community ignores it. Closest gamemode introduced to the public for competitive play is, of course, Trials Of Osiris (ToO). Many people regard ToO not as competitive due to spawning (one issue) and heavy ammo. Heavy ammo turns the tides too drastically; many teams who are skilful lose rounds on heavy. This is mostly due to the fact it's dominated by teams who have more weapons like Truth - which has extreme tracking and proximity. In order to make ToO more competitive, the community have requested to eradicate heavy ammo altogether while a small portion argue that is makes ToO rounds a little more unique and varied. To solve both requests, why not alter heavy ammo slightly? Why not make [b]one[/b] heavy ammo crate? Heavy ammo should spawn in the centre of the map, equally distanced from initial spawns. There would be a fight off in order to compete for heavy ammo, obviously to claim the heavy ammo to win the round. Tactics could be used to bait enemies into picking off heavy to be sniped, or lured into a cornered trap. However, people could all rush to heavy to simply result in a massacre of super - where greed punishes you. Personally, I think this would be a great way to solve heavy ammo. This could be implemented into every gamemode (however that is debate able). Doing this varies gameplay but not to a degree where it is dependant on who has more Truth, but tactics instead. Please 'Bump' on this if you agree. Commented your inputs will increase the chances of Bungie reading this Topic, so I would appreciate your input. Thanks :D

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