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Gameplay Speculation - Flight & Combat

Speculation is fun, whether factual or through narrative. I prefer the latter and have decided that I will occasionally share what I feel would be an amazing experience in Destiny. These will always be based on what we have heard from Bungie so far, but will also be mixed with desires and ideas of my own. Feel free to add to this story or share your very own narrative! [i]Imagine taking off from your clan hangar in the Last City with a few friends. You slowly lift off the ground and see your faction members get smaller and smaller until you are at the proper height to kick in the burners. You gain some speed move the nose of your ship upward. You quickly pass the Traveler and give a salute as you continue to increase in altitude. Within minutes, the Traveler is but a dot and you begin to exit the atmosphere. There has been no hindrance to your flight so far (no screens, no loading, no enemies), but as you reach outer space you know that you must be on your guard. The Traveler is no longer there to protect, and you check your immediate and extended radar before you activate Hyper-Thrust. Thirty seconds later, the engines are ready, and you begin the flight that will take you to one of Jupiter's many moons. You press the button and watch the miracle of automated flight, seeing colors and distant lights fly by at insane speeds. Two minutes later, your ship slows to what seems like a crawl and you gaze at the greatness of Jupiter. Your destination is also within sight; a blue/grey orb that is lost against the massive Motherly backdrop. The automated system shows the projected flight and remaining distance, but you have changed your mind so you initiate Manual Flight Mode. Your clan's plan remains the same, but you decide landing at Yokatu Base would be safer than your usual spot, so you need a slightly different entry point. As Jupiter shrinks behind its spawn, you see your destination and are appalled at the nature of the scene. At least 35 alien ships are surrounding the city, not only blocking your entry, but endangering your ship/crew as well. No time to focus on doubt/worry though. Your crew mans their respective stations and you immediately begin carving into the enemy forces. One, two, three ships down; mostly due to the extra firepower your clan is laying down, but your maneuvering and tactical position are also far superior to the enemy's. Four, five, SEVEN down (double kill)! They are regrouping in the distance and presenting a force you would rather not deal with alone, so you nose dive into the city, seeking the base that holds two of your clan's ships left here from your last endeavor. You avoid fire by sheer speed and recklessness and arrive safely under the cover of Yokatu's Fire Towers. One members stays on board, and two exit, sprinting toward your clan bay. Soon they are fueled, prepped and ready for take-off, and as a trio you rise back above the towers to finish the job....[/i]

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