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3/2/2015 7:37:03 PM

Mulligan and other perks: My opinion and change needed.

[b]Mulligan: 5% chance to return a shot directly to the magazine.[/b] [b]My Thoughts: [/b]Way too low of a chance. On the two most prominent snipers this perk is wasted. Icebreaker regenerates ammo at a steady pace and so when that chance happens it's not noticeable. I would much rather have a perk that reduced the cooldown of my grenade or something else. On Blackhammer it is EVEN WORSE! You only have three shots and the perk only procs if you do all three shots in a row. If I miss one it's a habit and common sense to simply reload. I hardly ever notice it happen. Planet Destiny has even named it a perk to avoid. [b]My Solution[/b]: Increase the chance to at least 25 up to (my recommendation) 40%. This would make it a perk that would be a lot more useful and not waste a perk slot on a gun. It's way too low to be any good right now. [b]Suros Regime[/b]: The health regen: I have no idea what governs this despite what the description says. I find it mainly procs on kills and even in the first half of the magazine and it's chance is super super low. I have gone through 3+ clips before and not had it proc. If this is your only health regen on Crota you will most likely die and cause a wipe which we all love and want. [b]Solution: [/b] Simply increase the chance and make it on damage not so much on kill (glitched?). [b]Nechrochasm: Basic Stats [/b] I know some of this has been acknowledged by Bungie so hate me if you want. The cursebringer perk should proc on any kill regardless of critical kills simply because of the super low impact and stability for an exotic that takes FOREVER to get. Don't get me wrong. Watching people blow up and hear that scream is awesome. Nechrochasm needs a clip and impact buff so that you can actually get those kills and enjoy the gun and not have it as a toy to bring out to brag/screw around with. [b]Solution: [/b] Increase the impact of 2 to at least 4 and hopefully even more. It does so little damage it's not fun to use with a small clip size that is over 25 bullets less than the Epilogue. Increase the clip to 70+ and maybe even a bit of the range to compensate for the recent patch since it is an exotic. These are my initial thoughts on the few things that really bother me about this game since much of it was addressed in the last patch. I want to know your thoughts on these matters and any other perks/guns/abilities that you feel are OP or lacking. Have fun in the comments and I want to know what others think.

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