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How to improve your wonderful game

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Alright Bungie, you guys have made a decent game here. It contains many things to do and strive for, but the issue is that the things you've added can get quite boring pretty quickly. I am here to show you what could be added to add PLAYABILITY to your game as well as improve the ratings people have truly been giving it. 1. Add a survival mode: I don't need to get into much detail here since Activision is with you guys now. What I do want to say is this: add rewards to the mode if you make it. Heck, get creative and add rewards that are exclusive to the survival mode. 2. Player trading: rumor has it that you guys are actually adding player trading, but just in case you weren't or are adding a restricted version of player trading, listen to this: if you add unrestricted player trading, you are adding (and subtracting) play time for people. You see, people who enjoy this game and its grind will find that they have no reason to hold on to gear they just acquired that they already have. Player trading would give these people an opportunity to trade with other players who may not have that piece of gear for something the grindy player really wants. Basically, players would no longer be discouraged if they got something they already have and/or not get something they want. Of course, it might subtract a little bit of playtime because now players are getting everything they want a little bit faster, but more playtime is being added than subtracted since now players have an excuse to grind strikes, raids, the survival mode, etc. 3. Player gambling: pretty explanatory. 4. Add a special version of transmogrification: If you guys included transmogrification (convert weapon/armor perks/looks to another weapon/armor with higher light/attack), the game would allow for much more customization and more play time because now players are grinding for that perfect piece of armor instead of playing the raid a few times for the "best" armor. 5. Restrict vendor gear quality until a certain milestone has been reached: basically what I'm saying is that being able to achieve light level 31 without even touching the raids or other difficult content is quite annoying for VoG players and Crota's end players alike. If you want more detail about this, view the following post: 6. Make patrols dangerous/fun: most players groan at the bounty that forces players to go and do patrol missions on a certain planet. This partly due to the lack of danger and excitement it can give. I mean, when we were all level 1-19 we were quite scared of the enemies lurking around, but now, we laugh at them. What you could do to make patrols dangerous is add the following: A PVP version of patrol where players could kill other players. There could multiple versions of this ranging from classic pvp with no punishment for dying (or rewards), to versions like GTA where you would only lose/gain a portion of glimmer. Another, more hardcore option would be where players could kill others for all of the loot they had on them and have to escape through a long "evac". This would definitely add more playtime since players may have to regrind their gear if they decided to go in with the most powerful weapons in the game. Of course, this could be a gamble, so players who would rather not lose their gear could either use less powerful gear so that they would only lose things they didn't care much for, or they could try out the other two versions. Disclaimer: these patrol ideas originally came from Bdobbins on Youtube. 7. Add sparrow races. 8. Add a third subclass. 9. Allow the player to change a character's face after creation: We've all made mistakes. Why not give us a way to undo them? And finally, listen to the community for more ideas. I may have a few, but there are some other really good ideas that I may not have even seen yet. As for people who aren't part of Bungie, what do you think? Let me know by voting in the poll and replying to this post.

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