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    I3 O O IVI E R

    I3 O O IVI E R

    10/14/2013 5:48:41 AM Permalink
    a storm of chloroform enters your dorm leaves you in vegetable form. how weird, out of the norm. face first in a wife beater, no trick up these sleeves. abusive wannabe man leader gets what he so rightfully deserves for being an absurd turd for mistreating her, waking up, turn off the heater, hotter than hells kitchen. (quit your bitchin) wheres the gun? life i gotta leave her. she is cold BURRRRR. this has the mentality of Invader Zim's GIR, fur sure. them mashed potatoes better not get flat, stir. Word.... association. i lack motivation, my penis is deprived of a vag­inas sensation. i cant handle criticism, i misconstrue it for mutilation. i have dedication for vaginal penetration to uplift my swags reputation. swag fags got booty ass reg quarter bags, pants sag down to the goddamn ground and makes the elderly gag. McDonalds wont have that, a bi­tch on the rag, on the broom she goes VROOM VROOM and sends you to an early grave. (oh behave) you get no tomb. stick dynamite in your mouth BOOM. that's your downward spiral to your doom. let's sweep your cremated ashes, married to death, no bride, just a groom. my walls are insulated with haters bodies, give me a Hot Toddy, don't get caught red handed, pigs will leave you branded with a nighstick leavin you stranded, oh lawdy. every man has been through the thick and thin, like from the bottom of a condom to the other end. this is all subliminal, im gonna jump in my swimmin pool, fool i write bad freestyles.
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