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This Week At Bungie – 05/28/2020

This week at Bungie, we look to the sky.

Ever since this Season began, the Almighty has been hurtling through space on its collision course with Earth. The Cabal are not known for their graceful defeats. Every day we spend preparing our long lost Seraph to mount a response, that derelict destroyer rockets ever closer to our home, spelling certain doom for the City.

Rasputin is at full power. We're as ready as we'll ever be. Now, eclipsing our own sun is a stark reminder that a great threat approaches. Eyes up!

What's Next?

Destiny has been a shared pastime for long enough now to have established some strong traditions. Each year we spend in service of the Guardians, we can mark our calendars by the next development milestone we’ll reach or the next event we’ll attend to spread the news. Some of us have had the remarkable privilege to travel the world and meet some of you fine people to talk about what comes next.

This year finds us all in a scenario that puts us all very far away from business as usual. Basically, all flights originating from our Tower are grounded. Development of Destiny 2 continues, only we are all working from the safety of our homes. We have exciting news to share with you about our plans, but it won’t happen at some fancy convention under hot lights. Instead, we'll use the Internet.

If you are familiar with the rituals and cycles that mark a year in the life of a Guardian, you must be curious as to when we'll begin a conversation about what is next. We can't put a date on that just yet, but we will very soon. That's a promise. We know you're hungry for that news and we're just as eager to deliver it.

Keep your eyes trained on @Bungie for updates. We’ll stream our announcements in the usual places. You’ll learn about the next Season of Destiny 2 at the same time that we talk about the next chapter in this story that has been unfolding all year long.

Diving Deep

In recent editions of “This Week At Bungie,” we’ve taken the cue directly from the community on what we should talk about. Our attention has been focused on your feedback. Our words have pointed toward what we plan to do to bring the game into alignment with what you’ve been talking about. With a summary of what we’ve promised and some updates on our progress, here is Production Director Justin Truman.

Justin: Hey everybody.  

Five weeks ago, we promised a series of deep dives on the state of Destiny, and how we plan to change it in Season 11 and Year 4.      

We enlisted seven members of the Destiny Team to provide as much detail as we could, and I’d encourage you to go back and read any of the topics you may have missed:  

We covered a lot of ground, and while we are going to continue to provide updates each week to topics you care about, we want to shift our focus in the coming weeks.    

We’ve said a lot about changes coming in Year 4, but we haven’t talked about how Year 4 begins. Very soon, we'll do just that.

I kicked off this series of deep dives with some promises, but I want to end the series on a more personal note. Being unable to go to the office, trying to figure out how to keep building this game we love from our laptops and our couches has had me thinking a lot about commitment.  

Videogame development is messy. Evolving Destiny 2 in an open, transparent way involves showing (and shipping) plenty of missteps along with the improvements. But it continues to be worth it, every step of the way, because I can honestly say this is the most welcoming, most passionate community of players I have encountered, in any game.  

We’re committed to this game, to staying transparent about our plans, and to this relationship we have with our community. The reasons we started on this journey 10 years ago haven’t changed. We’re committed to building a world anyone can be a part of, where everyone can feel powerful, and where you might reconnect with old friends or make some new ones.

So we look forward to continuing this conversation, and continuing to evolve Destiny together. And in 12 days, we can’t wait to show you more of what we’ve been working on.  

Stay safe out there, Guardians.  

Ready for Prime Time

More Twitch Prime Rewards rolled out this week. If you already have an active Prime subscription, visit this page to link your account and claim your rewards. Amanda Holliday will then be holding your goods to be claimed the next time you visit the Tower. Here’s a look at what you can get this month:

  • The Prospector – Exotic Weapon
  • Belvedere – Exotic Weapon Ornament
  • Hecuba-S – Exotic Sparrow
  • Pintail Shell – Legendary Ghost Shell


From one Season to the next, from one expansion to another, one constant is that that Player Support Team will be there to monitor your reports from the wild frontier. The #help forum is their base of operations. Their mission is to keep you out there fighting the darkness.

This is their report.


The following Season of the Worthy Seal Pins are now available through Bungie Rewards:

  • Almighty 
  • Flawless
  • Conqueror

Players must earn these Seals and equip the associated Titles by the weekly reset on June 9, 2020, in order to be eligible for the Bungie Reward. Reward codes must then be claimed from the Bungie Rewards page by June 12, 2020, 9:59 AM PDT.


As we approach the end of Season of the Worthy, certain Triumphs will no longer be available to earn in-game. Triumphs leaving at the weekly reset on June 9, 2020, include:

  • Full-stack Warmind Security
  • Object-Oriented
  • Season 10: Nightfall
  • Season 10: Vanguard
  • Season 10: Glory
  • Season 10: Power Bonus
  • Multi-Threaded Spelunker
  • And more.

For a comprehensive list of Triumphs, please visit our article on items leaving at the end of Season of the Worthy.


Last week, Hotfix was released to resolve an issue preventing players from progressing “The Lie” quest. Players will now have until the end of the Season of the Worthy to complete this quest and claim the associated reward before it become unavailable.

Players who continue to observe issues with the quest “The Lie” should report them on the #Help Forum.


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum:
  • The Bonus Clan Bounty is not gaining progress from Nightfall: The Ordeal completions at Grandmaster difficulty.
  • Zavala’s Authority ship shows the left engine thruster before the ship appears in orbit.

For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum.

Trending Now

You know that old question about the tree that falls in the forest when there is no one around to hear it? The Movie of the Week is our answer. If a Guardian fires their favorite Exotic weapon, and it didn’t make it into a montage, did it make a sound? Here are some of the finest existential moments we discovered during our online wanderings this week.

Movie of the Week: Bunker Rave

Honorable Mention
Do the Robot(Language warning)

The filmmakers have received the most storied emblem as evidence that Bungie is their number one fan. If you want your work to reach our eyes, your best venue is our Creations page.

Don’t call it a TWAB. I’ve been here for years.

Sure, @A_dmg04 and @Cozmo23 own this beat, but I wanted to take a shift. I’d love to be dusting off my travel luggage right about now. I’ll miss seeing your faces and making new connections out there in the world. That will happen again. For now, the traditions that shape what makes a Guardian a Guardian, year after year, must be obeyed. We’ll be firing all our cannons very soon.

We hope you’ll be around to enjoy the fireworks.

DeeJ, out.
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