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Destiny 2 Update 2.2.0


  • The Tower Annex Landing Zone is now available to all players
  • The Drifter has relocated to the Annex in the Tower


  • Daily clan bounties have been removed
  • Once again, clan XP in Season 6 can be earned simply by completing activities
  • Clan weekly bounties have been renamed to "Hawthorne's Bounties" to differentiate them from the raid challenges that are also in Hawthorne's inventory
  • These Hawthorne Bounties are organized into 3 fixed categories: PvE, PvP, and raid
  • Raid challenge bounties will continue to be available on Hawthorne for the Last Wish and Scourge of the Past raids
  • Some new clan perks have been added for Season 6, and some old clan perks have returned
      • Level 2 Perk: Increased public event rewards
      • Level 3 Perk: Completing a weekly Hawthorne bounty awards mod components
      • Level 4 Perk: Completing a clan vendor challenge awards enhancement cores
      • Level 5 Perk: Increases the drop rate of Crucible and strike catalysts when playing with clanmates
      • Level 6 Perk: Unlocks an additional weekly bounty for Hawthorne


  • Shotguns
      • Full Auto Trigger System rate-of-fire bonus reduced from 100% to 10%
      • Full Auto Trigger System no longer increases Shotgun pellet spread
      • All Shotguns received a damage multiplier in PvE, effectively doubling their damage (with the exception of Legend of Acrius)
      • Reserve ammunition for Shotguns has been reevaluated to compensate for the increased damage
      • Reduced base damage for Shotguns across the board to align with their new rates of fire on a per sub-archetype basis
      • Rate-of-fire values have been tuned
          • Aggressive Frame is now 55 RPM, up from 45 RPM
          • Precision Frame is now 65 RPM, up from 55 RPM
          • Lightweight Frame remains 80 RPM (tooltip erroneously stated 90 RPM previously)
          • Rapid-Fire Frame is 140 RPM (including intrinsic full auto), down from 200 RPM (they were previously 100 RPM, but due to the intrinsic full auto, actually had 200 RPM)
          • The Chaperone is now 70 RPM, up from 60 RPM
          • Tractor Cannon is 80 RPM (tooltip erroneously stated 84 RPM previously)
          • Legend of Acrius is now 55 RPM, up from 45 RPM

  • Submachine Guns
      • Base damage increased slightly
      • Precision damage decreased slightly

  • Machine Guns
      • Reduced the ammo bonus of Machine Gun Reserves perk by half
      • Damage reduced against boss and miniboss combatants by 21%

  • Trace Rifles
      • PvE damage increased by 30%

  • Grenade Launchers
      • PvE damage increased by 25%
      • Reserve ammo increased on most Grenade Launchers
      • In most cases, Grenade Launchers gained three rounds in reserves, but this amount may vary based on the perks you have (Field Prep, etc.)
      • KNOWN ISSUE: Starting ammo in PvE was reduced, this will be fixed in a future patch
      • Magazine perks and mods no longer affect ammo reserves
      • The Quick Access Sling mod can now be applied to any archetype; this change also allows it to be applied to the Mountaintop
          • NOTE: This change also fixes the Militia's Birthright being able to slot the Backup Mag mod; this mod did not actually increase the magazine size on this weapon and was not intended to be applied to breech loaded Grenade Launchers

  • Rocket Launchers
      • PvE damage increased by 60–65%
      • Cluster Bomb 
          • Damage reduced by 80%
          • This lost damage was moved to the Rocket Launcher's main projectile

  • Linear Fusion Rifles
      • PvE damage increased by 10% (does not affect Sleeper Simulant)
      • Reduced aim assist
      • Removed aim assist bonus from Combat Sights scope
      • Fixed an issue where Queenbreaker had double the amount of aim assist

  • Two-Tailed Fox
      • PvE damage increased by 26%

  • One Thousand Voices
      • PvE damage increased by 25%

  • Wardcliff Coil
      • PvE damage increased by 115% against boss combatants and scaling up to 160% against weaker combatants

  • Black Talon
      • PvE projectile damage increased by 15%

  • Sleeper Simulant
      • Reduced ammo reserves (from max 13 to max 9 without armor perks or Masterwork)

  • Whisper of the Worm
      • Reduced ammo reserves (from max 20 to max 9 without armor perks)

  • Tyranny of Heaven
      • The Tyranny of Heaven Bow can now drop with randomized perks

General Weapon and Perk Fixes
  • Trinity Ghoul
      • Fixed an issue where Trinity Ghoul's Lightning Rod perk sometimes did not activate on precision kill
      • Fixed an issue where the Arc effects from the Split Electron perk on Trinity Ghoul could be seen floating in third person

  • Improved the resolution for the decals on Two-Tailed Fox's Cuddly Throwback ornament when seen in third person
  • Fixed an issue where the Last Word's Laconic ornament did not display properly in third person
  • Cleaned up the animation of rounds cycling in the magazine for the Dreaded Venture's Over and Done With ornament

  • Rapid Hit
      • Fixed an issue where Rapid Hit would activate twice on a Sniper Rifle precision kill
      • Fixed an issue where the timer for Rapid Hit x5 would not extend after another precision hit

  • Swords
    • Fixed an issue where Whirlwind Blade could not reach 5 stacks with certain perk combinations
    • Fixed an issue where Sword impact Masterwork damage was the same at tier 7 and tier 8
    • Fixed an issue where certain perk, mod, and Masterwork combinations would cause Sword perks to not function on Stryker's Sure-Hand

  • Bows
      • Fixed an issue where Le Monarque would not always apply poison at longer distances
      • Le Monarque is now correctly on the Energy tab in the Collections screen
      • High Tension String perk description updated to correctly reflect that it "greatly increases accuracy"

  • Jotunn's Charge Shot perk description updated with instructions for what to hold to charge up the shot
  • Fixed an issue where Dragonfly Spec was not functioning correctly under certain latency conditions
  • Fixed an issue impacting Izanagi's Burden scope where FX from abilities or invading in Gambit would block visibility while aiming

  • The Long Shadow
      • Fixed an issue where the ATD Raptor scope did not highlight enemies
      • This fix caused another issue where the ATB Long Range scope will highlight enemies as well; this will be fixed in a future update

  • Fixed an issue where the random perk warning was not displayed on the tooltips for the random roll versions of Crimil's Dagger and the Hero's Burden

  • Memento Mori
      • Fixed an issue where the Ace of Spades perk Memento Mori did not refresh when using the Hunter's Marksman Dodge ability
      • Fixed an issue where Memento Mori was cancelled prematurely if the player sprinted
      • Note: These fixes make it so that reloading Ace of Spades no longer wipes Memento Mori on reload, but you can still refresh Memento Mori when reloading after a kill

  • Breech-load Grenade Launchers now have their own icon in the kill feed and obituary to differentiate them from drum Grenade Launchers
  • Trench Barrel will now activate on close range Ball Lightning attacks that cause the biped to lunge

  • Titan
      • Reduced Titan's max speed that can be achieved via use of macros on PC (aka reduced the effectiveness of "Titan Skate")
      • Tuned the amount of Super gained from Code of the Juggernaut so the Super could not be used indefinitely
      • This now has diminishing returns (100% -> 30% energy back over the course of 15 kills)
  • Warlock
      • Fixed an issue where the Handheld Supernova did not properly render while invading in Gambit

  • Year 2 armor will now drop with a random stat package
      • Heavy
      • Restorative
      • Mobile
  • One-Eyed Mask
      • Mark duration reduced from 15 seconds to 8 seconds
      • Health no longer restores automatically, but restores alongside overshield
      • Can no longer be triggered while in Super
  • Khepri's Horn
      • Increased class energy gain from Solar damage kills from 10% to 15% and reduced the cooldown from 2 to 1 second
      • Solar blast groundfollow now returns a second groundfollow back toward the player
      • Damage from groundfollow increased from 80 to 100
      • Damage from groundfollow is doubled in PvE
  • Vesper of Radius
      • Damage increased from 70 to 100
      • Damage is tripled in PvE
  • Sealed Ahamkara's Grasp
      • Now procs from smoke bomb damage
  • Ursa Furiosa
      • No longer counts self-damage to Void shield when calculating how much Super energy to give back
  • Anteaus Wards
      • Fixed an issue where improved slide was not consistently applying with Anteaus Wards

Accessories Fixes
  • Cloth will now correctly interact with "chopper" Sparrows (examples: Gray Hornet, Warrior's Steed)
  • Fixed an issue with Burnout Sparrow that would cause the Guardian's hands to not always grip the handlebars
  • A shader from the Curse of Osiris expansion formerly named "Metallic Sunrise" has been renamed to "Mercurian Sunrise." This was to resolve a duplicate name issue with a Forsaken shader, the name of which remains "Metallic Sunrise"
  • Fixed lens flare effects on several ship engines


  • Power cap raised to 700
  • Powerful bounties may give only a maximum possible Power reward from the season in which they were acquired
      • Powerful bounties completed in Season of the Forge may only reach a maximum Power reward of 650
      • Iron Banner bounties from Season of the Forge have expired and been replaced
  • Ethereal Keys from the Last Wish raid now have a maximum stack size of 5
      • All keys above the stack limit of 5 have been removed

  • Destination vendors no longer display a waypoint when holding enough materials for a reputation package
  • This was done as players now use destination materials for infusion

  • Updated Valor and Glory emblems to track only the current season's rank accomplishments
  • Previous seasons accomplishments have been added as Triumphs; all seasonal rank accomplishments will be tracked as Triumphs from here on

  • Shaxx
      • Reprise seeded roll weapon for players to earn via Valor rank
      • Players who acquired the original version will be able to earn this weapon with random rolls from engram decryption without earning the Valor rank.
      • New emblem for players to earn from Triumph Completion
      • Reprise shader for players to earn from Triumph Completion
      • Players who earned the original will not need to re-earn this shader
      • New pinnacle weapon quest 
      • Features Triumph completion step similar to Season 5's the Mountaintop quest
  • Drifter
      • New seeded roll weapon for players to earn via Infamy rank
      • New emblem for players to earn from Triumph Completion
      • New pinnacle weapon quest 
      • Features Triumph completion step similar to Season 5's the Mountaintop quest
  • Zavala
      • Reprise seeded roll weapon for players to earn from Triumph Completion
      • Players who acquired the original version will be able to earn this weapon with random rolls from engram decryption without completing the Triumph
      • New emblem for players to earn from Triumph Completion
      • Reprise shader for players to earn from Triumph Completion
      • Players who earned the original will not need to re-earn this shader
      • New pinnacle weapon quest 
      • Features Triumph completion step similar to Season 5's the Mountaintop quest
  • Xûr
      • Has the possibility of selling Forsaken Exotics
      • Fated Engram does not have a chance for Forsaken Exotics; will be updated in a future patch

Black Armory
  • Lore items "The Black Armory Papers" are now guaranteed to drop upon successful completion of the Gofannon and Bergusia Forges
  • Fixed an issue where Black Armory Obsidian Accelerator items were not showing up at the postmaster if player inventory was full
  • Fixed an issue where Black Armory Obsidian Accelerator items were not stacking in player's inventory; max stack size is 5
  • Fixed an issue where the Black Armory Key Mold quest was account bound, allowing only a single character to acquire it from Ada-1
  • Fixed an issue where Dreaming City chests were not providing Glimmering Amethyst for the Black Armory Key Mold quest
  • Fixed a bug where Spider would present an empty Lock and Key dialogue to players who've already completed it and obtained Izanagi's Burden
  • Fixed an issue where the Black Armory Bow "The Spiteful Fang" was not awarding Black Armory Schematics when dismantled
  • Fixed an issue where Black Armory Rare weapon research frames were not counting toward Master Smith Triumph progression
  • Fixed an issue where the Black Armory Devotee bounty was not progressing when using reforged Black Armory weapons

  • Fixed an issue where some daily challenges did not properly stagger, which resulted in players sometimes not having a fresh daily challenge at reset

Character Boosts
  • Fixed an issue where boosted characters were not getting their class-specific Swords correctly unlocked and available to pull from their Collection
  • Fixed an issue where boosted characters were not getting their class-specific emblems correctly unlocked and available to pull from their Collection

  • Fixed a bug where some players were in a bad state and blocked from obtaining Seeds of Light
  • Fixed a bug where player bipeds in the Tower would appear to stop loading gear ("Tron effect") if too many players had their Ghosts out
  • Fixed an issue where pulling shaders from the Collection took longer than intended; shaders will now take 1 second to reacquire
  • Updated the Sturm “Relics of the Golden Age” quest step; Exotic engrams that auto-decrypt now count toward this quest step

Collections / Triumphs
  • Fixed an issue where players who completed the Season 4 "Forged in Fire" badge collection were not getting the associated Triumph "Forged in Fire" unlocked
  • Fixed an issue where players who acquired the "Cold Wind Blowin'" Emblem from the Drifter during Season 4 couldn't reacquire the emblem from their Collection
  • Fixed an issue where "The Eternal Return" emblem wasn't tracking Shattered Throne completions
  • Fixed an issue with the requirements of the "Relic Rumble" Triumph Nightfall challenge to repair broken functionality
  • The new requirement is: "Complete Nightfall strike 'The Corrupted' by defeating Sedia using no more than two Relics."
  • Fixed an issue where the Dreaming City Triumph "Mint Condition" was not correctly unlocking for completing the Rift Generator public event with the relic never having dropped below 100%
  • Fixed an issue where the Exotic Ghost Star Map shell was not tracking chests in the Dreaming City
  • Fixed an issue where the "Senior Recruiter" Refer-a-Friend emblem was not correctly updating the number of referral completions
  • Fixed an issue where the Collection Badge counter was incorrectly listing the total number of badges available


  • Activities hosted by the Drifter have been moved to their own sub-page on the Director called "Gambit"
  • Added Gambit Private matches for all Forsaken owners
      • Expect Gambit Prime Private matches on April 2, 2019
  • Overhauled how invader spawn points are chosen while also significantly increasing the number of invader spawn points for each map
      • Chances of spawning very near or in direct line of sight of an enemy Guardian has been greatly reduced
  • Changed the third round of Gambit to a Primeval rush sudden death; this will speed up Gambit matches overall and add a change of pace to the final round
      • The Primeval is immediately summoned
      • Player Supers/grenades/ability/melee are immediately filled, so both teams are on an even playing field
      • Super/grenade/ability/melee regen are increased for the remainder of the round
  • The Ascendant Primeval Servitor's (meatball) spawn rate is no longer tied to the curse cycle and has been greatly increased
  • Idle Protection: Players who remain dormant for too long will not receive end-of-match rewards or Infamy points
  • Made adjustments to Blocker types by deposit tier
      • Small Blocker = Taken Goblin with less health than the previous Phalanx
      • Medium Blocker = Taken Captain with more health than the previous Knight
      • Large Blocker = Taken Knight with more health than the previous Ogre

Gambit Matchmaking
  • Teams are now always broken up when re-entering the matchmaking pool after a match
  • Previously, when a match ended, players who did not return to orbit would be sent back to the matchmaking pool together; this is no longer the case
  • This will greatly reduce the likelihood of re-matching against the same players and will give matchmaking an opportunity to find the best possible match

  • Players can now earn Infamy points by completing Gambit Prime matches and bounties
  • Increased the Infamy point rewards for Gambit matches by 25 points

Gambit HUD 
  • The HUD status bars now animate when returning from aim-down-sights
  • The Invader Portal Ready icon and animation on the status bar has been updated to be more pronounced and understandable at a glance

Triumphs and Medals
  • “Light vs. Light” can now be progressed by killing any Guardian (not just invaders) using a Super; this makes attaining Dredgen a less daunting task
  • The "First to Block" medal can now trigger once per round, previously it could fire only once per match
  • The "Fast Fill" Triumph time limit has been increased from 5 seconds to 7.5 seconds

General Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where post-invasion kills during Primeval phase weren't giving the invader credit for healing the Primeval
  • Fixed an issue where VO lines indicating the high-value target was killed and that the high-value target got away will both play if the player kills the HVT just before it is removed from the arena
  • Fixed an issue where players would get the "Half Banked" medal every time they deposit Motes after they reached 38 Motes deposited
  • Fixed an issue where the "Taking Turns" medal fires when 3 different players invade instead of 4
  • Fixed an issue where a graphical error could be seen on a waterfall in Legion's Folly
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally Drifter would tell players back-to-back that the other team has summoned their Primeval
  • Fixed an issue where, in a longer match after killing the Primeval, the Drifter reminded us that we needed to spawn our Primeval to win
  • Fixed an issue where the bounty "Block and Key" did not increment when a Large Blocker was sent that would summon the Primeval
  • Updated security policy and functionality so players who have been banned from competitive activities cannot access Gambit playlist

  • Fixed an issue where healing during Crucible matches was taking away from a player's overall damage on the PGCR screen

Last Wish
  • Smashed an issue where players would encounter frequent guitar errors

  • The Five of Swords Challenge Card now requires a Power Handicap of 100+ to begin applying a handicap score multiplier


Bright Engram
  • The season 5 Etched Bright Engram has been retired; in its place players can now obtain the new season 6 Notorious Bright Engram

Prismatic Matrix
  • The Prismatic Matrix has been retired; additional information may be found in This Week at Bungie—2/28/2019 


  • Added a popup dialogue when opening bundles if you have a full inventory, noting that items will go to the postmaster if you proceed through the dialogue
  • Fixed an issue where Masterwork objective progress bars could display 100% when not yet completed
  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Masterwork items were not displayed as Masterworked when inspecting other players
  • Fixed an issue where Masterwork UI did not scale to fill ultra-wide monitors
  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar under Triumphs could sometimes show as complete when the Triumph was still in progress
  • Fixed an issue where transferring items using the Destiny app would consistently re-trigger Triumph notifications

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