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Community Focus - Shackleshotgun

Our focus this week is a member of our community who spends a lot of her time organizing things Bungie employees say throughout the week into a single easy to read report. The best places to keep up with Destiny 2 updates is here on and our social channels on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but we also like to mix it up with the community on our forums, reddit, and our personal social channels. If you want a one stop shop for keeping track of us outside of official channels, please meet Shackleshotgun.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your role is in the Destiny Community.

Shackle: Hello there! I’m Shackleshotgun. Also known as Hotgun or Ram-shackle. I live in a cold country that’s existence people like to debate about. My first time experiencing Destiny was the PS3 Trial shortly after Taken King’s release. I instantly fell in love with the Destiny world and bought a PS4 & the game.

I am mostly known known for running a site called, where you can find all daily dev ramblings about the game in one place. Some people may see it as a gateway to stalking, but I can assure you that it’s not that, alright? It’s not. 

Q: We’re flattered by your interest in our online musings. Where can we find you on the internet?

Shackle: Besides the site, you can find me on Twitter, @shackleshotgun. I tweet a lot about the game.

Q: So do I. What has been your favorite Subclass and weapon?

Shackle: If I had to pick a favourite, I’d pick Sunbreaker Titan. I love the raw power of it. I have the most hours on my Nightstalker Hunter, so essentially my Titan is a tiny Hunter on stilts in a Tian suit. I've misadventured myself with my own grenade one too many times to call myself a full blown Titan. I looked frabjous while doing it, though. 

As for weapons, I’ve been really enjoying Mindbender’s Ambition as of late, and my Bygones with Rampage and Outlaw never leaves my inventory.

Q: Those are fine tools of destruction. Tell us more about the roundup. What is your overall goal with the site? Do you plan to add anything new to it?

Shackle: A lot of information is scattered. Some people don’t want to use Twitter, some people don’t know how to use Reddit, and some people can’t find stuff on the forums. Some people know how to use all three but they don’t have the time to do what I do and they just want a one stop shop. The goal is to make it easy to find info (feedback passed along, bugs addressed and fix ETAs, general things about the game, etc) in one place.
The biggest thing I wanted to accomplish was to make people a bit less angry.
My boyfriend does the hard coding, I come up with ideas and run the site. We have a list of features we want to add to it, mostly features that will prevent it from becoming a bloated fractal nightmare, usability improvements, and making the site prettier. 

Q: We like to consolidate messaging in our weekly TWAB, but appreciate you consolidating our one offs through the week. What made you decide to start following us all around on social media and trying to organize our ramblings?

Shackle: I wanted to contribute something positive to the community. 
I once spent two hours trying to find a specific comment on Reddit to prove someone wrong, and I got angry because its search system is not the best. 

In summary, I got annoyed and decided to do something about it by creating something that actually works, something people would benefit from and could easily reference. It first started off as a Google Doc and then became a website.

Q: What have you thought of Forsaken so far?

Shackle: Forsaken is an amazing expansion, and the Dreaming City is one of the most beautiful locations I’ve seen in any game. I love the perfect dichotomy between the Dreaming City and The Tangled Shore. 

Also, I love and hate the Collections. I love it because it’s an amazing feature. I hate it because when people find out that shaders are the reason why I only have two Legendary Shards. They give me a very strange look and I don't like confrontation. 

Q: Anything else you would like to add before we go?

Shackle: Thank you guys for all you do. Thank you for creating this amazing world that has led a lot of people to beyond cool things and friendships. <3

Thank you for playing and being a positive part of our community.

You can visit Shackle’s site at Please forgive me if you I say anything dumb on there. That is all we have for this week’s Community Focus. If you have an idea of who we should write about in the future, let us know on the forums using the tag #CommunityFocus.

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