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Beyond Launch

In just mere days, Destiny 2: Forsaken will arrive, ushering in a host of new experiences and major upgrades aimed at transforming nearly every aspect of the game. We’ve already spoken a lot about Forsaken’s key features and updates, but we wanted to take a moment prior to launch to provide you with some additional details about what you can expect beyond day one. To tee up that conversation, we’ve recruited a handful of developers to take you through our plans, from the 2.0 update that went live today, through our current plans for seasons and the annual pass. 

Seasons of Change

Destiny 2: Forsaken kicks off the Season of the Outlaw. Once you’ve completed the campaign, hunted down the Barons, secured some of your favorite new weapons, and explored the new worlds and the challenges that await, you can expect to see us continue updating the game with new activities and rewards. We’ve also hidden away many surprises for you to discover, and the information and roadmap below aren’t intended to spoil them, but rather to give you a broad sense of what’s to come.

After Season of the Outlaw concludes, each subsequent three-month Season will usher in a month-over-month roll out of new experiences, events, rewards, and activities, most of which will be available for free to every Destiny 2 player.

Annual Pass

The Forsaken Annual Pass is different than the traditional post-launch Destiny expansions we’ve delivered in years past. Black Armory, Joker’s Wild and Penumbra will offer a range of different experiences that consist of new endgame activities and modes, discovery, and challenges that escalate, ebb, and flow over time, with each offering prestigious rewards. 

Annual Pass content will release throughout the year, working in concert with our free Seasons to help keep the world alive and fresh. Black Armory, Joker’s Wild, and Penumbra each deliver multiple beats that span the length of a given Season. We believe the overall experience will feel markedly different to Destiny players, in a really good way.

Below is our first Forsaken-era post launch roadmap. It includes a short hit list of what you can expect in the coming weeks, and a look at what’s on tap in the months beyond. Once again, it’s not intended to spoil the surprises, but it should give you a good idea of our commitment to supporting Destiny 2 in Year 2.

Like our previous roadmaps, we’ll continue to update you with additional details and changes as these experiences continue to shape up and come together.

Keep an eye out for more detailed scheduling and information covering the Season of the Outlaw soon, and more information about the follow-on seasons and Annual Pass in the months ahead. As always, we’ll be listening intently to your feedback, updating the game with an eye toward continuous improvement, and playing and experience the game as part of this remarkable community.

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