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Community Focus - WeirdoFX

Our focus this week is a prop maker who specializes in making Destiny weapons and armor you can wield outside of the game. He has created some great stuff in the past and we asked him to share some of what goes into making these works of art. It’s a painstaking process that requires a lot of time and an attention to detail, but the finished product is worth the effort.

Please meet WeirdoFX. 

Alright, let’s do this. Start by telling us about the role you play in the Destiny community.

WeirdoFX: I'm a prop/costume fabricator that specializes in Destiny items. I try to use the source material to make crafting more accessible for people who are new, or wanting to be a Guardian of their own.

You’ve made some cool stuff. Where can we go to see pictures of all of your incredible creations and track your progress?

WeirdoFX: Sometimes I'll post on Facebook, most often you can find me on twitter and Instagram. Lately, I haven't been posting as often, while working full time at Dillon Works.

What is your favorite subclass and weapon?

WeirdoFX: Favorite subclass? There's only REALLY one that matters. Nightstalker, every-time. If we're being totally honest, I play in the Crucible like a snake. I tend to really overuse Vanish in Smoke and Shadow shot to rope people up, take the kill, and run for the hills. Shadestep and Mida always keep me hard to get a hold of. Feeling incognito is definitely where I hit my stride.

Ninja tactics for the win. What has been the favorite thing you have created so far?

WeirdoFX: I really enjoy having the Iron Companion Helm. I really enjoyed the surprise gifty-ness associated with it. The one I have now has this really robust bronze coating that unfortunately doesn't photograph well. You also have to scream into it for anyone to hear you. 

In the Iron Companion Helm, no one can hear you scream. Give us a behind the scenes peak into how you bring Destiny weapons and armor to life.

WeirdoFX: I start with a sculpt: Sometimes a 3d print, sometimes scratch made. After that, I'll move onto molding the object. I usually compare molding and casting like ice in an ice cube tray. I make this mold (the tray) and cast liquid plastic (the ice cube) into it. Afterwards you have this nice, solid plastic prop. It's the best way to make lightweight or glowing copycats of your original sculpt. I'll then follow it up with the best paint time will allow, and send it to where it needs to go!



Sample color castings

Sounds complicated, but it produces quality props. What all are your currently working on?

WeirdoFX: I'm really just filling time up until PAX with past projects. I'm repainting some Watermelon Exo heads and ROI axes to lug around PAX with. Most people might not know this, but I'm usually so busy after something is made, I usually don't have time to make something for myself until months later. So these are definitely going to be mine. I'm looking forward to D2 so I can drool at new guns all over again...

There will be plenty to drool over. Anything else you would like to add?

WeirdoFX: I'm really appreciative and proud of the community we belong to. When I started much of this, I was a relative nobody to my industry. With a lot of support and work, my craft quality (and awkwardness) has gotten better. I wouldn't be where I am in my career without the support of the Bungie Family. I'll always be thankful of that and the great friends I've made through all of this.

We’re glad to have you as a part of this community. 

We want to thank WeirdoFX for making cool Destiny props and taking the time to tell us about his process. Make sure you go check out what he is cooking up next.

We will back with another community member to focus on. If you know of someone you think deserves the shimmer of our spotlight, please suggest them on our Community forum. You can use the #CommunityFocus tag to help us find your post. 

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