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Community Focus - Snackless

Our focus this week is a mild-mannered Kindergarten teacher by day and high-energy streamer by night. She is one of the entertaining individuals in our community who loves to share their Destiny adventures with anyone who wants to watch—and also loves bringing people along for the ride. But why is she called “Snackless?” We’ll let her explain.

Welcome to your Community Focus. Take a seat and tell us a little about yourself.

Snackless: Hi, my name is Snackless. Yes, as in I do not have any snacks. I am a kindergarten teacher and Twitch streamer who likes to smile and scream. I have been playing games since I was five when my dad introduced me to Yoshi on the Super Nintendo. My best friend taught me how to play Halo 3, and after 3,000 games of trying to "get good," FPS's became my favourite. I fell in love with Destiny after my first Crota Raid and would go on to enjoy many flawless runs to the Lighthouse with players who would become some of my best friends.

That is a lot of Halo 3 games and a lot of Lighthouse runs, but I can relate. Where can we go to find you online?

Snackless: My favourite place to be is on Twitch playing games with the Snacklets. I stream almost every day at! I can also be found searching for snacks on Twitter and Instagram as @iamsnackless, or reading story books on my YouTube! The Hungry Army is my clan and my home. I am so proud to have founded such a welcoming and wonderful clan. I like to spend the majority of my time with them playing Trials of Osiris or the occasional Raid!

The Hungry Army… I see what you did there. Ok, let’s get down to brass tacks. What is your favorite Subclass and weapon?

Snackless: I fell head over heels for my Warlock after I threw my first Nova Bomb in the crucible. My weapon of choice is and has always been my primary; first The Vision of Confluence, then The Last Word, and currently my Eyasluna!
Give us some details about your stream. What makes it special and unique to you?

Snackless: I stream Destiny every day although sometimes I like to spice it up with a bit of variety casting. It is no secret I like to slay in the crucible, but I do try to jump my Warlock through a Raid at least once a week. Although I spend most of my time snackless on stream, I do like to spoil the Snacklets with "snack-packs" full of the best Canadian snacks! And if you're lucky, on Mondays I may even read a story book live to you on stream!

I never imagined that my stream would provide a safe place and a home to so many diverse and wonderful souls. My stream is focused on my community. I love to talk to my viewers and interact with my chat. I am so proud to have one of the most positive and polite communities on Twitch, with members who love to make new friends! They'll even share their "apples" (chat currency) with you if you ask them nicely! I still remember saying no when they first asked for a clan, but after a lot of convincing and a few apple sacrifices I finally agreed. We named our clan The Hungry Army together.

Can you give us a behind the scenes look at what it’s like be a Kinderguardian Kindergarten teacher?

Snackless: Showing the Kindergartners and Kinderguardians the Light is truly an honour. I think speaking into and having an impact on lives of any age is an incredibly special thing. Being a kindergarten teacher has taught me how to have never-ending patience and be prepared for almost anything. And it has given me the opportunity to guide and love our future little lights. Watching the wonder that someone experiences when they discover something for the first time is magical. From tadpoles to frogs, or from sword bearing to Crota, I love being able to guide new knowledge.

Thank you for molding young minds. You got to play Destiny 2 at the Gameplay Premiere event. What did you think? What was your favorite thing from the event?

Snackless: Yes! The Destiny 2 gameplay event was incredible, and I even got goosebumps when we watched the reveal! I cannot wait for a meta change, mastering new subclasses, and having new maps to explore. I particularly enjoyed having more choice when selecting my weapon load out, and I can't wait to try out some more guns! My favourite experience from the event was trying out the new Warlock Super, which is just as kick-butt as you are imagining it will be.

I am also eager to support my clan even more with team rewards and new challenges to pursue. The Snacklets and I can't wait to play guided games with you!

We’re glad you enjoyed the event, thank you for making the trip. Anything else you would like add? 

Snackless: I am Snackless and sharing your snacks with me is encouraged.

Thank you to The Hungry Army for believing in me. You are my favourites and my family.

If you would like to share your snacks, you can find Snackless streaming here most nights. Maybe you can join in on some Trials of Osiris or ask her about what it’s like being a teacher. Teachers tell the best stories.

Community Focuses will continue as long as there are interesting people to meet in the community.—and there is no shortage in sight. If you know of someone you would like to see featured, let us know on our forum. You can use the tag #CommunityFocus and we will take a look. 

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