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Random Fruits

Random Fruits [RMFS]

"This is how we do it, its RAIDay night and we feel alright, Mars is here on the left side"

Mars is to the left,
Venus to the right,
When lost in the vault,
Its Kris's fault.

- Random Fruits 2014 -

We are a chilled clan of good friends aged 20/30+, expect lots of friendly banter, bad jokes and a barrel of laughs.

We may not be the most serious elite clan out there, but we are serious about helping people out in any activity PVE / PVP and having fun whilst doing it!
We are all Raid addicts! Weekends are when we normally Raid because we work during the week.

- Timezones UK / DE - Open to PSN / XBOX -

Our current members are from England, Ireland and Wales - Welsh majority - We play mostly in the evenings or whenever we can! Why do we play you ask? Well mostly we do it for the PUPPIES!.. loot?.. yeah loot too.
So if this sounds like the clan for you we will be more than happy to accept you into our Random Fruity cult.

If you have a name that contains a Fruit? big plus!.. a Vegetable? - big minus!.. a Cheese? - instant win!
But remember...

...its always Kris's fault!

  • Open Membership

  • 55 Members

  • Created October 27, 2014

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14250 Clan Contribution this Week

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