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The Madness of Gilgamesh [MAD]

"We're all mad here..."

Welcome to The Madness of Gilgamesh!

Gilgamesh was the ghost of the hunter Katabasis. While on the Glycon Volatus, Gilgamesh was corrupted and driven mad by the Darkness. He began intentionally resurrecting his guardian in dangerous places just so that he would suffer and die over and over until Katabasis was forced to kill him...
First and foremost, The Madness of Gilgamesh is an Xbox Destiny Discord community of players who just love to play Destiny. It has players from multiple clans and even no clan at all. Madness welcomes everyone.

This clan is an extension of that community.

We participate in every aspect of Destiny from raids to Trials to chasing titles. We have no clan or Discord activity requirements, and our rules are limited to mutual respect and have fun.

If that sounds like a community or clan you'd be interested in, join us on Discord ( or message a founder or admin. Eyes up, Guardian!

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  • Created December 05, 2021

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