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The Ghosts of Saint-14 [S-14]

"Kill first, die last, one shot, one kill, no luck, all skill"

We are his Ghosts storming the fronts of battle,
We are his Shield protecting the city,
We are his Might crushing every foe.

Together we carry out his last order, together we are The Order of Saint-14.

Our archives reveal that our clan was formed to carry out the final order of Saint-14: to defend the city at all costs. We strive to becoming the backbone of the last city keeping its citizens safe from the darkness.

If you have what it takes, come write your name in the history books and join The Order today! The Order of Saint-14 is a forever growing community written within the very fabric of the Destiny universe.

Over the past months hundreds of guardians have joined one of our three factions: The Ghosts of, The Shield of and The Might of Saint-14.

Three factions, one community together within one discord server which features Tutorials, Raid Sherpas, automated ranking system and our very own unique lore in which our Librarians keep safe.

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  • Created June 01, 2019

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