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Destined Oddities

Destined Oddities [Naya]

"Adam, you're an asshole!"

We're as casual as they come. We're a fairly laid back, casual, micro community with aspirations of building something larger. We accept any and all willing to help or need help during in game activities, leveling, or just casual game play.

Just an added blip to members from Melody,
Clan chat can be seen in the Destiny App under the Clan tab. Feel free to download the app to see what's happening. An added feature the app has is the ability to transfer items between characters and the vault while away or in game! Awesome!

Destined Oddities has a Facebook page. Open to all members

We Now have a Clan Vault VIA PayPal so we Admins can help support our Guardians who are down on luck by paying for XBOX live Gold membership and DLC when it becomes available.

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  • Created November 08, 2017

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