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"Fathers of Children, Lords of War"

War has come. We've been called to leave behind the safety and comfort of our homes and the embraces of our loved ones. War has come. The fields will run red with the blood of...

What now? Can't you see that I'm trying to do some serious battle stuff here? Can't the trash wait until later? Fine, fine... I'll take it out now.

Dads have responsibilities and obligations to family that sometimes impacts our ability to game, we get it. We are a group of Dads from all walks of life that have joined together in a supportive and socially interactive group to game casually and chat about whatever is on our minds. We are open to anyone that enjoys beating back the darkness in between bouts of diaper changes, birthday parties, and whatever else life throws at us. We enjoy a good laugh, sarcasm, and time spent interacting with one another.

If this doesn't sound like the place for you, then pack it up peasant. WARLORDS are on the march!

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  • Created August 15, 2015

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