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Delta Fighter Wing [DFW]

"The approaching thunder needs not lightning's herald. Visit us at"

Delta Fighter Wing Gaming Community is a relaxed, multi-platform, international gaming community, established in the year 2005. We welcome players from all walks of life. We are comprised of two core divisions: PC and Console. This branch, our Destiny 2 group, is led by Console Division Admin «ÐFW»Premonitionz91, and Group Captain «ÐFW»zippyFN (Cross-Platform). Our D2 clan is primarily PvE-focused, typically hosting clan raids multiple times a week. A handful of our sweaty members prefer a competitive PVP scene, but do not currently comprise the majority.

To receive a clan invite, you must first self-assign the Destiny 2 role in our Discord. Official DFW members reserve priority slots.

• Involve the clan whenever possible.
• Contribute to the clan. e.g XP or weekly engrams.
• Be respectful and chill. No drama/toxicity.
• Stay in the Discord to remain in the clan.


  • Invite Only

    This clan is invite only.
  • 76 Members

  • Created October 24, 2017

Season Progression

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