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    ▲▲▲BLACK-LISTED™ Our Name May Of Changed But Our MAIN OBJECTIVE Stays The Same.. But Now We Dance Silently In The Umbra, Creeping Up On Our Enemies Preparing To Hug Them Until There Lifeless Corpse's Disappear Into The Void, The Darkness Isn't A Place For Foul Creatures And Beasts But A Place For Those Enlisted OUR MAIN OBJECTIVE: Is to establish and maintain a crew of hard to beat warriors that wear black armor and roll in a forward movement formation/ PVP and in PVE. Let the darkness consume nothing, but wear it on your sleeve, on your cape, your face.. Let your armor reflect not a single photon. We dress in vanta-black because we absorb the light and leave nothing. Make sure you set as either your xbox or psn clan doing this activates it in GAME

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